Santa Cruz County

Appointment Scheduler

BUILDING to process over-the-counter permits and permit extensions, learn / troubleshoot ePlan applications, inquire about building specific questions or voided permits, etc.

ZONING for information about zone district standards, development potential, permit history, and discretionary permit applications such as lot line adjustments, coastal permits, and land divisions.

ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING to inquire about requirements for soils reports, grading, flood zones, riparian and sensitive habitats, tree removal, etc.

GEOLOGIC HAZARDS for information on geologic hazards assessments (GHA’s), geologic reports, coastal bluffs and shoreline protection structures and to discuss potential geologic hazards affecting site stability or safety such as fault hazards, landslides, and debris flows.

PUBLIC WORKS for information about encroachment permits, roads, sanitation, stormwater management, and survey requirements.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH to discuss projects relying on septic systems or well water.

CODE COMPLIANCE for information on open or closed Code cases or complaints, expungements, Code costs, and general questions.

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