Job Specifications

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Date Revised:

6/93, 3/96, 10/11, 6/22 



Under general supervision, operate a three (3) axle commercial vehicle pulling various trailers; perform related duties as required in connection with the collection and disposal of refuse, and other various diversion commodities.


Positions in this class operate three (3) axle commercial trucks and commercial trucks with attached trailers including van type trailers with a walking floor used in the transportation and unloading of refuse diversion commodities.


        Complete pre-operation and post-operation inspections and maintains required records;

        Operate truck and trailer over public highways and streets including narrow mountain roads;

        Fuel equipment, make minor repairs and adjustments;

        Fill out equipment condition reports and keep trucks and trailers in a neat, safe and clean condition;

        Connect trailer to truck or tractor;

        Connect all appropriate hoses such as air and hydraulics.

        Fill out all necessary equipment forms in a legible and accurate manner and deposits them in an assigned place;

        Maneuver vehicle on to scales in the loading area at a refuse transfer station safely;

        After trailer is loaded properly, move vehicle from loading area and close a lightweight debris screen on top of truck or trailer;

        After loaded vehicle is properly weighed, transport refuse to a landfill site or transport other various materials to designated locations;

        Enter the site and pull into a designated area;

        Open debris screens and rear trailer door and engage walking floor to unload refuse;

        Perform related duties in connection with the collection and disposal of refuse;

        Duties include but are not limited to other transportation needs as required or assigned by Department.



Thorough knowledge of:

Working knowledge of:

Some knowledge of


Training and Experience

Any combination of training and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying. A typical way to obtain such knowledge and abilities would be:

One year of experience operating a three (3) axle commercial vehicle pulling various trailers, trucks or tractors pulling a set of doubles; Successful completion of an accredited truck driving training course on three (3) axle commercial vehicles pulling various trailers may be substituted for six months experience. (Training course must be recognized by the State of California as an accredited training course in the operation of heavy trucks on State highways);


Two and one half (2 ) years experience equivalent to a Heavy Equipment Operator or Disposal Site Maintenance Worker with Santa Cruz County with a minimum of six (6) months of experience driving three (3) axle trucks.


License Requirements: Possession of a valid California class A driver license to operate a combination truck and trailer with a kingpin/fifth wheel configuration with a Tank Endorsement. Some positions may require a Hazardous Materials endorsement and will be required within 6 months of being assigned to that position.

Special Working Conditions: Exposure to variable temperatures and weather conditions; heights, such as fourteen foot ladders; high levels of noise; strong, unpleasant odors; infections which might cause chronic disease or death; dust and silica dust; allergens, such as stinging insects and poison oak; vibration, such as when operating pneumatic equipment or from the normal operation of a diesel truck; and the possibility of experiencing burns or bodily injury; exposure to non-ionizing radiation; and the possibility of contact with toxic substances or chemical irritants.

Other Special Requirements: Incumbents are required to work weekends and holidays.

Note: Alcohol and drug tests will be administered to all candidates prior to final selection for positions requiring class A or B driver licenses upon entry and to employees in positions requiring these licenses as mandated by Department of Transportation federal regulations. In addition, all candidates must provide specific employment history for up to the past ten years for all jobs they have held which required operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

Bargaining Unit: 43

EEOC Job Category: 07

Occupational Grouping: 41

Worker's Comp Code: 0399