Job Specifications

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Date Revised:

 4/03, 11/06 



Under general direction, Sheriff's Security Officers physically secure and protect property owned, operated, or administered by the County, or any municipality or special district contracting for services from the County, and perform other related duties as required. Positions working from a fixed post will work under the supervision of the Court Security Sergeant. Single point entry positions will be provided with armed security during Courthouse business hours.


Positions in this class are neither peace officers nor public safety officers, but are public officers. Positions in this class do not engage in active law enforcement duties, but are responsible for the security of locations or facilities and assist sworn personnel in guarding County property against fire, theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Security Officer's generally operate at a fixed post, but may be assigned to patrol designated areas. Their responsibility is to deter criminal acts by their uniformed presence and to observe and report suspicious activities on County property. Security Officers apply their knowledge of departmental security techniques, policies and procedures, and exercise independent judgment.

Work from a fixed post and/or patrol facilities to detect or prevent individuals from committing violations of law; conduct searches of individuals for weapons or contraband, and detain individuals for further investigation or arrest, where circumstances and conditions warrant such action; appear in court as a witness; direct visitors to the various services provided within a facility; ensure that only authorized personnel access restricted areas; require all visitors to enter through the "search screen" prior to admittance into a facility; control access to County property by proper authorization and identification; utilize fixed and hand held scanning devices to detect unauthorized weapons; monitor alarm systems and electronic surveillance equipment, and respond to the scene of locally-activated fire, burglary, or other alarms; relay reports of bomb threats to the supervisor and participate in organized bomb searches; report safety hazards, malfunctioning equipment, liquid spills, and related matters to appropriate maintenance personnel; operate miscellaneous equipment and motor vehicles as assigned; assist as directed, in building evacuations; assist sworn personnel in securing facilities and conducting searches; write daily activity, incident and non-employee injury reports; investigate questionable acts or behavior observed or reported in the Court or other facilities; patrol the outside perimeter of County facilities. 


Knowledge of:

         Basic law enforcement principles and techniques.

         Operation of communication equipment used in the course of work, such as radios, telephones pagers and related systems.

         Basic factors that influence human behavior. 

Ability to: 

         Maintain the security of buildings and grounds.

         Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with sworn personnel.

         Meet and deal with the public courteously and effectively.

         Successfully complete 832PC training.


         Communicate using radio transmitting and receiving equipment.

         Use electronic security screening equipment.

         Prepare legible, correct and accurate reports.

         Conduct searches of individuals for weapons or contraband.

         Learn to operate fixed and hand held scanning devices.

         Understand and apply Sheriff's Office policies, procedures and directives.

         Learn first aid.

         Adopt quick, effective and reasonable courses of action under adverse and/or emergency conditions.

         Communicate effectively orally and in writing.

         React quickly and calmly in emergency situations and adopt an effective course of action.

         Obtain information through interview, interrogation and observation.

         Normal color vision and unrestricted peripheral vision. If no corrective lenses worn, vision of at least 20/20. If glasses worn, uncorrected vision of at least 20/100, correcting to 20/20. If soft contact lenses are worn, vision of at least 20/200, correcting to 20/20 with one year minimum of successful contact lens use. Candidates who have had corrective eye surgery must meet all applicable vision guidelines at all times of day. A minimum of one year must have elapsed between surgery and examination, and all post-operative records must be submitted for review.

         See at near and far distances, such as reading screen monitors and observing incoming visitors 40-50 feet away.


         Lift 55 pounds from floor level, such as lifting an injured person.

         Run quickly, such as in responding to an emergency situation.

         Distinguish colors, such as warning lights.

         Hear and distinguish a variety of sounds such as alarms and calls for assistance in a noisy environment.

         Stand and walk for extended periods of time up to 8 hours.

         Learn to operate defensive devices including but not limited to chemical spray and baton.

Education and Experience: 

Any combination of education and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain these would be: 

Graduation from high school or satisfactory completion of the G.E.D. test. 

Special Requirements/Conditions: 

License: Possession of a valid California class C driver license. 

Training: Must complete 832PC during the probationary period.
Background Investigation: Ability to pass a full background investigation. 

Special Working Conditions: Exposure to individuals who may be hostile and abusive; contact with a diverse population. 

Other Special Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age at time of appointment; must be available to work nights, weekends and/or holidays. 


Bargaining Unit: 34-35 

EEOC Job Category: 04 

Occupational Grouping: 62 

Workers' Comp Code: 0053