Job Specifications

Class Code: RC6 
Analyst:  OM 
Date Originated: 4/82 
Date Revised: 1/95 12/98 



Under supervision, admit, release, guard and supervise prisoners in County Detention Facilities; and perform other work as required.


Positions in this class are assigned to a shift in a maximum, medium or minimum detention facility to admit and release detainees and to provide supervision, control and security for inmates. Incumbents are assigned duties, which involve continuous and direct contact with prisoners, are subject to an element of personal danger in controlling violent inmates, and are expected to deal with emergencies. This class differs from that of Deputy Sheriff in that positions in the latter perform field work, bear arms, and provide active law enforcement services, rotating periodically through patrol, detective, civil and court security assignments.


Perform booking and record keeping activities as needed, including photographing and fingerprinting new inmates, taking bail bonds and cash bail, completing booking forms, operating teletype, setting court dates, maintaining court appearance records, maintaining log records, processing court papers, completing custody forms, computing release dates, maintaining commissary inventory records, maintaining inmate account records, maintaining inmate population records, cashing checks and issuing funds to inmates; interview and search new inmates for weapons, contraband and use of narcotics; determine bail amounts and eligibility for pretrial release; inventory and store detainee's property; issue clothing and toilet utensils; process prisoners for discharge or transfer by returning or forwarding clothing and property; receive, release and supervise inmates in housing area; orient new inmates to rules and procedures of facility; observe, report and take appropriate action on problems such as emotional stress, hostility toward other inmates, criminal activities, suicide attempts, hazardous conditions and violations of facility rules and regulations; encourage inmate participation in recreational, educational and treatment programs; organize, supervise and participate in sport and recreation activities and group meetings; administer alcohol breath test to inmates; collect urine samples; patrol buildings and nearby grounds for any irregular circumstances relating to possible escapes and attempted escapes, any unsafe conditions, and any contraband materials or attempt to provide contraband materials to prisoner; inspect living and other areas for cleanliness, orderliness and contraband; seize contraband and report to supervisor; make head and bed counts; search inmates entering and leaving living areas; detain, question and may arrest law violators; prepare incident, arrest and emergency medical reports; assign and supervise inmates during meals, clothing and linen exchanges, recreational activities, exercise periods, and cleaning and other work assignments; inspect inmates' work; assist inmates by obtaining change, issuing commissary supplies, picking up and delivering mail, taking sick call and other requests; control movement of inmates within facility by escorting or directing inmates to barber shop, law library, infirmary, phones, and to interviews or meetings with chaplains, teacher, social workers, physicians, probation officers, attorneys and other persons; arrange for and/or transport inmates to and from County facilities for medical and dental appointments, job interviews and court appearances; screen visitors and supervise visiting periods; issue and store cleaning equipment; check safety of buildings, including building contents, supplies and equipment; staff control center; operate public address, intercom and radio equipment; open and close electrically operated gates and doors to control access to and movement within facility; monitor television screen; monitor authorized visitors within facilities; brief oncoming shift on activities and problems; collect and preserve evidence; provide information from prisoners to other law enforcement personnel; compile information on inmates for determining housing situations and classifications; may testify in court; may provide initial orientation and training to new employees; may do minor mechanical and/or electronic repairs to equipment in the jail; may verify work done by outside contractors; may provide the day-to-day direction of a minimum security facility or work release program; may arrange for training programs for inmates in a minimum security facility; may operate farm equipment; may provide vacation and other temporary relief for other classes as required.


Knowledge of:

Some knowledge of:

Ability to:

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

Graduation from high school, a satisfactory score on a GED exam, or a two-year or four-year degree from an accredited college or university.

Special Requirements/Conditions:

License Requirement: Possession of a valid California class C driver license.

Background Investigation: Ability to pass a full background investigation.

Special Working Conditions: Exposure to: heights, such as 40 foot perimeter walls; microwaves; bees; pollen; loud noises; chemical irritants, such as strong offensive odors; infections which may cause chronic disease or death; hostile and aggressive persons.

Other Special Requirements: Must be eighteen years of age by the time of appointment; available to work a flexible schedule, including week ends, nights, holidays and on an as needed basis.

PREVIOUS TITLES: Sheriff's Detention Officer

Bargaining Unit: 51

EEOC Job Category: 04

Occupational Grouping: 62

Worker's Comp Code: 1073