Elena Baskin Live Oak Senior Center

1777 Capitola Road, Santa Cruz, California  95062



June 25, 2009


9:30 AM


I.                                Call to Order/Roll Call/Approval of May Minutes/Agenda Additions


II.                             Business


a.       Lizet Moreno Representing Central Coast Energy Services

b.      Commissioner Reports

c.       Legislative Report

d.      County Counsel Report

e.       County Supervisor Report

f.        Election of Chair and Vice Chair

g.       Discussion of:  (a) park owners’ July 1, 2009, last day to submit data and supporting documents on reasonable rate of return on capital improvements, and (b) July 23, 2009, public hearing on reasonable rate of return in accordance with Santa Cruz County Code Section 13.32.092


III.                           Correspondence


IV.                          Community Input


V.                             Adjournment


The next Mobilehome Commission meeting will be July 23, 2009.


As a courtesy to those persons affected, please attend the meeting smoke and scent free.  Please turn off cell phones.


Mobilehome Commission By-Laws, Paragraph 7, Agenda states:  Public participation in Commission meetings shall be allowed as follows:


1.        An opportunity for members of the public to directly address the Commission on any item on the agenda of interest to the public shall be provided before or during the Commission’s consideration of the item.


2.        In addition, the agenda will provide for community oral communication on the items not on the agenda, which are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission, at the end of each regular meeting agenda.


If you would like to receive the Agenda and Minutes via email rather than through the U.S. Postal Service, please send an email requesting this

to and your name will be added to the list.


For further information, please contact the Office of the County Counsel at 454-2040.


Mobilehome Commission Website: