December 11, 2008

Elena Baskin Live Oak Senior Center


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT                             Jean Brocklebank, 1ST District

Henry Cleveland, 2ND District

Mary L. Hanley, 3rd District 

Mary Crowther, 4th District

Rick Halterman, 5TH District

Bonnie Lund, WMHA Representative

Carol Lerno, GSMOL Representative


COMMISSIONERS ABSENT:                  None


BOARD OF SUPERVISORS                            Janet K. Beautz



COUNTY COUNSEL:                                       Marie Costa


SECRETARY:                                                                  Lee Ann Shenkman


LEGISLATIVE REPORT                                   Jerry Bowles



Chair Henry Cleveland called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M.  There were 10 members of the public in the audience.  The minutes of the October 23, 2008, meeting were reviewed and upon motion by Commissioner Brocklebank, seconded by Commissioner Crowther, the October 23, 2008, minutes were approved. 


No additions or deletions.

II.         BUSINESS


A.         Commissioner Reports


Commissioner Cleveland reported that the 2009 Senior Resource Directory is out for distribution and various parks have received copies for residents at no cost. 


Commissioner Brocklebank reported that there is a new board of directors for the homeowners’ association at the Yacht Harbor Mobilehome Park.  She is continuing to work on the tutorial for the Public Utility Commission tariff to mobilehome park users.  Her goal is to eventually have a link on the Mobilehome Commission website.






Commissioner Halterman reported that there are three parks in the County that are facing possible closure:  Castle Mobile Estates, Surf and Sand Mobilehome Park, and a mobilehome park in the San Lorenzo Valley.



B.         Legislation


Jerry Bowles reported that the legislators are back in Sacramento in a special session for the budget.  An emergency bill (SB 23) has been introduced having to do with the fires in Southern CA, and discusses pre-fire plan and evacuation plans for mobilehome parks.  This bill has already had a special hearing by the Senate Select Committee for testimony; there will be a second special hearing in Southern California where they will take input from the fire service, manufactured home communities, park owner communities, and resident communities.


The status of legislative bills can be viewed on the Senate Select Committee website: http://sinet2.sen.ca.gov/mobilehome/ and also on http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/



C.         County Counsel Report


No report.




The Commission presented Supervisor Jan Beautz with a letter of appreciation with comments from the Commissioners and members of the public.


The October 22, 2008, letter from Supervisor Ellen Pirie, Chairperson of the Board of Supervisors was included in the packet. 


Commissioner Carol Lerno made a motion to authorize Henry Cleveland, Chair of the Mobilehome Commission, to sign a letter of gratitude to John Laird; seconded by Commissioner Brocklebank.   




 A resident of San Lorenzo Valley Mobilehome Park updated the Commission on the various issues in that park.


Bill Semanek from Advantage Homes introduced himself.  He is new to the Santa Cruz area as of December 1st , but he is not new to mobilehomes and manufactured homes.  He explained that new homes have fire shingles and drywall and other fire protection features.  He explained that he wanted to attend the Commission meeting to become familiar with the local market and local mobilehome park issues. 


Residents of Blue Pacific Mobilehome Park updated the Commission that they are continuing to work with the mobilehome park owner on a settlement agreement, but nothing is yet signed or finalized.   









The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 A.M.  The next meeting will be January 22, 2009.


Respectfully submitted,



                                                            Lee Ann Shenkman, Staff Secretary to the

Mobilehome Commission