March 27, 2008

Elena Baskin Live Oak Senior Center


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT                             Jean Brocklebank, 1ST District

Henry Cleveland, 2ND District

Mary Crowther, 4th District

Rick Halterman, 5TH District

Mary L. Hanley, 3rd District

Carol Lerno, GSMOL Representative

Bonnie Lund, WMHA Representative


COMMISSIONERS ABSENT:                  None



BOARD OF SUPERVISORS                            Janet K. Beautz



COUNTY COUNSEL:                                       Marie Costa


SECRETARY:                                                                  Lee Ann Shenkman


GUESTS:                                                         Jerry Bowles




Chair Carol Lerno called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M.  There were 10 members of the public in the audience.  The minutes of the February 28, 2008, meeting were reviewed and upon motion by Commissioner Brocklebank, seconded by Commissioner Crowther, the February 28, 2008, minutes were approved. 



II.         BUSINESS


A.         Commissioner Reports

Commissioner Halterman informed the Commission that: (1) the park owner of Surf and Sand appealed the lawsuit, (2) the Santa Cruz Democratic Women’s Club supports Proposition 99, and (3) the residents of Castle Park have received notice that that park will be closed by the owners the first week of March 2008.




Commissioner Brocklebank updated the Commission on a Blue and Gold Mobilehome Park resident meeting which focused on Propositions 98 and 99.  She reminded the Commissioners that Will Constantine is willing to go to other mobilehome parks to discuss these propositions.  Commissioner Brocklebank also informed the Commission that she and Terry Hancock of Senior Citizens Legal Services are working with residents of Yacht Harbor Manor regarding long-term leases in parks and the appropriate base rent after a long-term lease has expired. 

Commissioner Lerno informed the Commission that Villa Santa Cruz is still working on parcelization of that park. 

Commissioner Crowther updated the Commission on litigation involving Monterey Vista Mobile Estates.  The residents have appealed the decision which came out of the lawsuit, and oral argument is anticipated in July.                  


B.         Legislation


Jerry Bowles updated the Commission on current legislation.  AB 2857 has to do with mobilehome park infrastructure and making loans.  This bill was introduced on February 22, 2008, and has not yet been scheduled for hearing in the Assembly Housing Committee.  SB 1433 is a dead bill.  Mr. Bowles reminded the Commission that legislative information is updated every two weeks and can be obtained from the Senate Select Committee’s website, http://www.sen.ca.gov/mobilehome.


The Assembly and Senate are discussing health care and the state budget right now and they will again review the budget in May.  Therefore, there will be time in April for the Assembly and Senate to work on bills.


Propositions 98 and 99 are the only propositions on the June 3rd ballot.



C.         County Counsel Report





D.                 Website Update


County Counsel provided a report on the Commission’s website.   The County Administrative Office will be releasing the press release regarding the Commission’s website.  Commission requested changes in the website have been made including the addition of the meeting time and location on the Meetings/Agenda page. 
















The homeowners’ association in San Lorenzo Mobilehome Park is working with Senior Citizens Legal Services and meeting with the park owners on rent control issues. 


            A resident of El Rio Mobilehome Park discussed a problem of lot line changes within that park, and informed the Commission that an inspector from the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has inspected the park. The Commission informed the resident that lot line changes are under the jurisdiction of the HCD, and recommended that he continue to work with that agency. 


A resident of Blue Pacific Mobilehome Park updated the Commission on the park’s lawsuit; the trial is scheduled for June 30, 2008.  The general rent adjustment hearing was held on March 13, 2008, and they are awaiting the decision.   





The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 A.M.  The next meeting will be April 24, 2008.


Respectfully submitted,




                                                            Lee Ann Shenkman, Staff Secretary to the

Mobilehome Commission