October 23, 2008

Elena Baskin Live Oak Senior Center


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:                  Jean Brocklebank, 1ST District

Henry Cleveland, 2ND District

Mary L. Hanley, 3rd District

Mary Crowther, 4th District

Rick Halterman, 5TH District

Bonnie Lund, WMHA Representative

Carol Lerno, GSMOL Representative


SECRETARY:Lee Ann Shenkman


Chair Henry Cleveland called the meeting to order at 9:30 A.M. There were 10 members of the public in the audience. The minutes of the September 25, 2008, meeting were reviewed and upon motion by Commissioner Brocklebank, seconded by Commissioner Lerno, the September 25, 2008, minutes were approved.


No additions or deletions.



A. Commissioner Reports


Commissioner Cleveland arranged for Erik Schapiro, Housing Manager for the Santa Cruz County Planning Department, to attend the January Mobilehome Commission meeting to discuss the County’s mobilehome rehabilitation and change out programs, as well as discuss the rehabilitation of Pleasant Acres Mobilehome park.


Commissioner Halterman informed the Commission that: (a) the County is spending almost two million dollars to rehabilitate Pleasant Acres and convert it to affordable housing; (b) anyone interested in subletting their mobilehome should read California Civil Code 798.23; and, (c) Commissioners Crowther and Halterman have postponed the work they have started





with the City of Watsonville on a sham conversion ordinance because they are waiting to see the outcome of two state court appeals regarding ordinances in other jurisdictions.


Commissioner Brocklebank reported that she is preparing an informational sheet explaining rates for each mobilehome park regarding master meters and PUC mandated tariffs for master metered parks.



B. Legislation


Jerry Bowles reported on the status of the legislative bills the Commission has been tracking. Only ten bills were signed by the Governor out of the 27 bills the Mobilehome Commission was tracking. The status of legislative bills can be seen on the Senate Select Committee website: http://sinet2.sen.ca.gov/mobilehome/ and also on http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/. On the Senate Select Committee’s website there are some new additions: (1) a 32-page Question and Answer document regarding common mobilehome park issues, and (2) Mobilehome Residency Law.


Maurice Priest, the Corporate Counsel and Legislative Analyst for GSMOL has resigned. GSMOL will be splitting the position into two positions.


C. County Counsel Report


No report.



D.                 Discussion of 2008 Annual Report


Commissioner Lerno made a motion to approve the 2008 Annual Report; Commissioner Halterman seconded, motion carried and the report was approved with updated commissioner attendance.



E.                  Schedule of Commission Meeting Date for November/December


Commissioner Halterman made a motion that the Mobilehome Commission have its November/December meeting on December 11, 2008; Commissioner Crowther seconded; motion carried. The next Mobilehome Commission meeting will be held on December 11, 2008 at 9:30 AM.


F.                  Draft Letter to the County Board of Supervisors Requesting a Proclamation Commending Supervisor Jan Beautz for Her Work with the Mobilehome Commission


The Commission was informed that the County Board of Supervisors is issuing a Proclamation commending Supervisor Jan Beautz for her work, which will include her work for the Mobilehome Commission. Therefore, the Mobilehome Commission would like to write a letter of its own to show its appreciation for Supervisor Beautz work on behalf of the residents of mobilehomes. Commissioner Brocklebank made a motion to present Supervisor Beautz with a Commission letter of appreciation for her work on behalf of mobilehome residents; Commissioner Lerno seconded; all approved, motion carried.



G.                 Discussion of Mobilehome Commission Liaison to the Seniors Commission


At the last Mobilehome Commission meeting, Bud Winslow from the Seniors Commission spoke about the overlapping interests of the Seniors Commission and the Mobilehome Commission. It was recommended that the Mobilehome Commission packet include the minutes from the Senior Commission when they are available. Commissioner Brocklebank made a motion that one of the Mobilehome Commissioners act as liaison to the Seniors Commission; Commissioner Lerno seconded; all approved and motion carried. Commissioner Crowther made a motion that Commissioner Brocklebank act as the liaison; Commissioner Halterman seconded; all approved, motion carried. Commissioner Brocklebank will contact the Seniors Commission to obtain copies of that Commission’s minutes and notify them that Commissioner Brocklebank will be a visitor at the Seniors Commission meetings.



No Correspondence.



Supervisor Jan Beautz explained that Pacific Family Mobilehome Co-Op had been purchased by the County, but has since been sold to a nonprofit. The nonprofit will improve the layout of the park, provide more parking, and bring in newer mobilehomes.


Jerry Bowles informed the Commission that the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) Ombudsman Office has been underfunded in the past. The director has ordered cross training of the titling section employees to handle titling and Mobilehome Ombudsman questions. HCD will sponsor a couple of bills this year. The fees have not increased in 15 years, so HCD is looking into sponsoring a bill which will pay for the increase in cross-trained employees. HCD receive about 200 phone calls a day between titling and complaints.


A resident of San Lorenzo Valley Mobilehome Park updated the Commission on problems in that park. The park residents are grateful to the Commission, County of Santa Cruz, and Terry Hancock for the help they have provided the residents of the park.


A resident of Snug Harbor Mobilehome Park reported that the park owner will be meeting with the homeowner’s association. Although the residents are not paying rent, they are paying the utilities.

Residents of Blue Pacific Mobilehome Park updated the Commission on stalled negotiations. They are currently waiting for a reply from the owner.




The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 A.M. The next meeting will be December 11, 2008.


Respectfully submitted,


Lee Ann Shenkman, Staff Secretary to the

Mobilehome Commission