September 25, 2008

Elena Baskin Live Oak Senior Center


COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:                       Jean Brocklebank, 1ST District

Henry Cleveland, 2ND District

Mary L. Hanley, 3rd District 

Mary Crowther, 4th District

Rick Halterman, 5TH District

Bonnie Lund, WMHA Representative

Carol Lerno, GSMOL Representative


COMMISSIONERS ABSENT:                  None


BOARD OF SUPERVISORS                            Janet K. Beautz



COUNTY COUNSEL:                                       Marie Costa


SECRETARY:                                                                   Lynn Guio for Lee Ann Shenkman


LEGISLATIVE REPORT                                   Jerry Bowles



Chair Henry Cleveland called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.  There were eight members of the public in the audience.  The minutes of the August 28, 2008, meeting were reviewed and upon motion by Commissioner Mary Crowther, seconded by Commissioner Rick Halterman, the August 28, 2008, minutes were approved. 



II.         BUSINESS


A.         Commissioner Reports


Commissioner Brocklebank updated the Commission regarding Yacht Harbor Manor and their new red lines for no parking zone.


Commissioner Halterman reminded everyone that this weekend, September 27th, would be the candidates’ (John Leopold and Betty Danner) forum at Capitola City Hall in the City Council Chambers.








B.         Legislation


Jerry Bowles reported that no bills had been passed or vetoed since the focus has been on the State budget. 


C.         County Counsel Report


County Counsel sent a copy of the Santa Cruz County Code Chapter 14.08 to the Assistant City Manager of Watsonville at the request of Commissioner Halterman.



A letter from the Mobilehome Commission to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors requesting that the Board send a letter of gratitude to Assemblymember John Laird to thank him for his support of mobilehome park residents during his tenure in the State Assembly was approved by motion made by Commissioner Lerno and seconded by Commissioner Halterman.




George “Bud” Winslow, a representative of the Seniors Commission and involved with the California Senior Legislature, informed the Commission that the Seniors Commission will be meeting next month to present approximately 70 proposals on behalf of seniors.  Faye Alexander is the liaison to the Mobile Home Commission from the Seniors Commission.  The Seniors Commission will notify the Mobilehome Commission of future meetings. The Seniors Commission is requesting that a liaison from the Mobilehome Commission attend the Seniors Commission meetings.  The Mobilehome Commission agreed to place this as an item on next month’s Commission meeting.


Residents of Blue Pacific Mobilehome Park updated the Commission on the purchase and litigation regarding that park. 


A resident of Vista Del Lago in Scotts Valley requested help in implementing a resident  purchase of a mobilehome park; Commissioner Halterman will provide the residents with assistance and information.


Residents of Snug Harbor Mobilehome Park updated the Commission regarding the park owner’s intent to make necessary repairs in that park and discussed utility meters in the park. 






The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 A.M.  The next meeting will be October 23, 2008.


Respectfully submitted,



                                                            Lynn Guio, Staff Secretary to the

Mobilehome Commission