Job Specification

Class Code:   AD4
Analyst: EM

Date Originated: 06/15
Date Revised:



Under general supervision, assists a Veterinarian in healthcare and surgery for animals brought into the shelter and the spay/neuter clinic; performs animal health procedures consistent with status as a licensed Registered Veterinary Technician; and performs other work as required.


This position is responsible for independently providing paramedical treatment to animals and more complex medical treatment under the direction of a licensed Veterinarian. Incumbents may provide lead direction to Animal Health Specialists and other Registered Veterinary Technicians as well as providing training and instruction to volunteers and other Animal Shelter staff.

This class is distinguished from the higher level classification of Veterinarian in that the latter requires a license to practice veterinary medicine and a Drug Enforcement Administration certificate/license in order to perform the full scope and responsibilities of the position.

This class is distinguished from the lower level of Animal Health Specialist in that the Registered Veterinary Technician requires a license to practice as a Veterinary Technician and is responsible for providing specialized technical veterinary paramedical duties, whereas the latter is responsible for providing routine animal health care duties.


Performs procedures such as the following under the supervision of a Veterinarian:

·         Administers anesthesia induction by inhalation or intravenous injection with controlled substances or using Schedule 2 barbiturates and/or narcotics;

·         Assists Veterinarians during procedures;

·         Renders emergency care within the scope of duties as directed by the Veterinarian;

·         Determines which animals have priority for medical care;

·         Staples or sutures existing skin incisions;

·         Performs dental extractions;

·         Conducts pre-operative health checks;

·         Applies casts and splints;

·         Sutures cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues, gingiva and oral mucous membranes;

·         Creates a relief hole in the skin to facilitate placement of an intravascular catheter;

·         Administers controlled substances and immunizations;

·         Maintains inventory of all pharmaceuticals, equipment, and supplies;

·         Oversees the work and training of Animal Shelter staff and volunteers;

·         Explains the purpose and functions of the County’s Animal Spay Clinic program to the public in response to inquiries;

·         Determines correct procedures and substances to inject for the disposal of animals and injects animals for the purpose of euthanasia;

·         Receives reports from shelter staff regarding health status of animals and follows up with examination;

·         Maintains records and reports;

·         May provide care for shelter animals including maintaining sanitary conditions and feeding of animals.

·         May assist Animal Services Coordinator by interfacing with existing and potential foster homes.




Working knowledge of:

·         Sterilization and surgical pack preparation procedures;

·         Disease symptoms of domestic animals;

·         Euthanasia procedures and techniques;

·         Procedures to perform prophylactic evaluations, cleanings and uncomplicated tooth extractions;

·         Procedures used to control and administer pharmaceuticals;

·         State and local codes, ordinances and regulations governing quarantine, impounding, care and disposal of animals.


Some knowledge of:

·         Written communication for narrative reports;

·         Customer service techniques for dealing with customers, often in a difficult or confrontational situation.




Ability to:

·         Perform medical procedures, administer medications and vaccinations in accordance with license;

·         Prepare animals for surgery, assist with surgery and care for animals after surgery;

·         Assess animals for illness/injury, handle and care for animals in a humane manner and provide appropriate treatment to injured or sick animals as prescribed by the Veterinarian;

·         Induce and monitor animals under anesthesia;

·         Identify symptoms of rabies and other common diseases of animals;

·         Work tactfully and effectively with co-workers, staff of other agencies working with animals and the general public;

·         Move heavy, immobilized or resistant animals;

·         Maintain inventories of drugs and medical supplies and advise Shelter Manager of the need to order supplies;

·         Operate a personal computer;

·         Understand and follow oral and written instructions;

·         Function calmly and determine the appropriate course of action in stressful and/or emergency situations.


Education and Experience

Any combination of education and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:


Possession and maintenance of a valid Registered Veterinary Technician license issued by the State of California Veterinary Medical Board.


Special Requirements


Training: Incumbents must attend and pass the Euthanasia by Injection certification course within the first six months of hire.


License: Incumbents must possess and maintain a valid California Class C Driver License.


Hours: Availability to work a flexible schedule including weekends and/or holidays and rotational on-call duty as required.


Lifting: Incumbent must be able to life, push/pull or carry up to 50 pounds unassisted.


Special Working Conditions: Exposure to potentially hostile or dangerous animals and exposure to animal feces and urine. Incumbents will be encouraged to undergo a pre-rabies vaccination series.


Bargaining Unit: 41

Workers Comp Code: 1073

EEOC Code: 03

Occ Unit Group: 91