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Analyst: PT

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5/87, 6/17 


DEFINITION Under supervision, to do varied typing and clerical work of average difficulty; and to do related work as required.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This is the full journey class in the Typist Clerk series. Incumbents are expected, within a framework of established policies, to perform a variety of typing and clerical duties of moderate difficulty with only occasional instructions or assistance. The use of typing skills is essential to the satisfactory performance of the work of all positions in this class. Work requires the use of independent judgment in selecting proper work methods within approved alternatives; new or unusual situations are usually referred to the supervisor. Incumbents may have frequent public contact which requires them to have a knowledge of specific laws, rules and policies related to the operation of their department. Supervision exercised by positions in this class is usually limited to initial training and orientation of new employees.

TYPICAL TASKS Types letters, reports, case histories, statistical data and other finished copy from rough drafts, margin notes, general instructions or machine transcription; corrects grammar, punctuation and spelling and proofreads copy; operates a magnetic card or other word processing machine in preparing case histories, reports, briefs, specifications and correspondence; types invoices, requisitions, data input documents and other material from copy, draft or notes; checks forms, records, reports, applications and data input documents for accuracy, completion and conformance with established procedures and rules; makes follow-ups requiring some independent judgment to secure required or additional information; inserts and extracts materials from subject matter files; classifies material by nature of subject matter and prepares new files as needed; keeps records and prepares statistical and other types of reports in accordance with predetermined forms and procedures; assists public by referring them to sources of information, giving out standard forms and explaining how to complete them, answering requests for factual information by consulting various available sources, and explaining standard departmental policies and procedures; acts as a resource for other employees on materials in files and records maintained or processed; operates standard office equipment, such as photocopy machine, adding machine, microfilm reader and microfiche reader; relieves technical staff or administrator of more routine office details, including making appointments, reserving meeting rooms, ordering office supplies, answering routine requests for information by enclosing materials or composing routine letters on factual subjects, and collating or extracting information from files and other readily available sources which require knowledge of departmental operations and rules; prepares bills, abstracts, orders, notes, receipts, permits and licenses; receives fees or monies when the amount is readily obtainable from simple computations or fixed schedules; prepares deposits; operates cash register; may provide initial orientation and training to new employees; may be assigned to review the work of other employees; may provide vacation and other temporary relief for supervisor or for other classes as required.



Ability to:

Training and Experience: Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledges and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledges and abilities would be:

One year of experience in general office clerical work that demonstrates application or possession of the required knowledges and abilities listed below. Formal secretarial or general office clerical training may be substituted for up to six months of the required experience on an hour for hour basis.

Performance: Type at a corrected rate of 45 words per minute from clear copy or pass an equivalent performance test.


Previous Titles:  Typist Clerk II

Bargaining Unit:  41

EEOC Job Category: 06         

Occupational Grouping: 02

Worker's Comp Code: 0053