Job Specifications

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 Analyst:  TC  

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Dates Revised:

5/88, 9/90, 6/17



Under general supervision, to supervise a small group of clerical employees and to do a variety of clerical and typing work; and to do related work as required.


Positions in this class exercise administrative and technical supervision over a small number of subordinates on a continuing basis and perform a variety of clerical and typing work. The exercise of supervisory skills and typing skills is essential to the satisfactory performance of work of all positions in this class. Elements of technical supervision exercised include training, determining characteristics of tasks to be performed, planning and laying out work, determining work flow within the unit, and determining priorities for completion of work. Incumbents exercise several elements of administrative supervision, such as preparing performance evaluations, prescribing work schedules and issuing warnings. Incumbents may have extensive public contact which requires explanation of departmental policies, rules and procedures and which requires broad knowledge of the functions of County departments.


Prepares performance evaluations, prescribes work schedules and issues warnings, and participates in the selection of subordinates; provides technical supervision to subordinates, including assigning work and determining priorities for completion, determining work methods and flow within the unit, reviewing work for adherence to established procedures and for accuracy, completion and conformance to applicable rules and regulations and making changes as appropriate; types correspondence and other material requiring the application of subject matter knowledge and judgment in the selection of data or interpretation of rules and policies; types letters, reports, case histories, statistical data and other finished copy from rough drafts, margin notes, general instructions or machine transcription; corrects grammar, punctuation and spelling and proofreads copy; operates a magnetic card or other word processing machine in preparing case histories, reports, briefs, specifications and correspondence; types invoices, requisitions, data input documents and other material from copy, draft or notes; reviews reports, applications and records for accuracy, completion and compliance with applicable rules, regulations, procedures and precedents; posts a variety of information to control records where selection is based on use and purpose of media and applicable rules and regulations; sets up and maintains complex filing systems; compiles a variety of narrative and statistical reports, locating sources of information and devising forms to post and summarize data; provides information to the public, employees and other departments where judgment and explanation of departmental functions, procedures, policies and rules is required; refers persons to appropriate department or personnel for assistance; acts as the final check or expert on records or procedures for employees, departments or the general public; relieves technical staff or administrator of office details and more routine administrative details, including screening correspondence and calls, initiating replies to more routine correspondence, providing information with explanation of procedures and rules, maintaining and giving out information on complex records, and assembling information from files, resource documents and other departments which requires knowledge of County operations and departmental policies, rules and regulations; may provide vacation and other temporary relief for supervisor or for other classes as required.



Ability to:

Training and Experience:

Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledges and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledges and abilities would be:


Previous Titles:  Typist Clerk III - Supervisory

Bargaining Unit:  41

EEOC Job Category: 06         

Occupational Grouping: 02

Worker's Comp Code: 0053