Job Specifications

Class Code: CV3/CV5 
Analyst:  JAD/JAS/CE 
Date Originated: 3/82 
Date Revised: 6/92 7/96 



Under general supervision, incumbents electronically create and maintain maps, GIS layers, and geographic computer files by interpreting geographic or legal source data, using automated GIS tools, and do other work as required.


GIS Technician I: This is the first working level of the class. Incumbents perform routine tasks independently and receive close supervision when assisting in more complex GIS tasks.

GIS Technician II: This is the journey level of the class. Incumbents are expected to perform the full range of duties and to provide training and technical assistance to the GIS Technician I.

The GIS Technician class is distinguished from the next higher class of GIS Analyst in that the latter analyzes customer GIS needs and determines the best method of meeting those needs using the appropriate application of GIS layers in conjunction with data bases to provide a full range of GIS services. The GIS Technician creates and maintains map layers using automated GIS tools but does not utilize GIS layers or databases for GIS analysis. The GIS Analyst creates and maintains GIS layers but the activity is peripheral to using the GIS to meet customer needs.


Positions in this class are generally assigned to a specific area or department and may perform all of or a portion of the tasks listed below. Tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Develops a wide variety of computerized maps and map layers through the use of automated drafting equipment by interpreting source data, electronically drafting or digitizing the information into the computer data base, adhering to pre-established Assessor and GIS mapping conventions and following pre-established procedures and sequences; quality assures layers for accuracy; identifies and corrects GIS errors; establishes and maintains GIS and computer data files; determines scale, line size and color to print hard copies of computerized maps using a plotter; trains staff to interpret source documents and use automated drafting equipment; may act as departmental liaison regarding the Geographic Information System (GIS); may assist in writing and simplifying procedures; may act as a lead worker to extra-help staff; graphically depicts parcel splits, combinations and land boundary adjustments, including subdivisions, condominiums and townhouses, through the use of computer aided drafting techniques and tools, by interpreting and researching legal descriptions on recorded deeds and survey maps; prepares chronology of changes to parcels requiring additional research; transfers revised parcel drawings to Assessor computer files and the County GIS utilizing standards and protocols appropriate to each function; calculates land areas; annually revises parcel maps to reflect tax code area changes by evaluating information provided by the State Board of Equalization; answers questions and provides information to the public and staff regarding assessment maps; prepares legal descriptions of tax delinquent properties, describing property boundaries in relation to adjacent properties by researching and combining existing descriptions; completes supporting forms, paperwork and correspondence to relay completion of parcel changes to the property owners and staff.


Knowledge of:

GIS Tech I:

Some knowledge of:

GIS Tech II:

Working knowledge of the above, plus:

Ability to:

GIS Tech I:

GIS Tech II:


Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and abilities, is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

GIS Technician I: Successful completion of high school or college level course works in geometry and computer aided drafting.


One-year experience reviewing and processing land use, taxation or other documents for identification and recording purposes utilizing computer aided drafting and geometry.

GIS Technician II: One year of experience comparable to a GIS Technician I


Completion of 15 semester units of course works in geography, cartography. planning, environmental sciences, computer science or a related field AND three months of experience using AutoCAD and database software for preparation of maps, plans, or engineering drawings.

Special Requirements/Conditions:

Special Working Conditions: Risk of eyestrain and repetitive motion syndrome due to long hours spent at a computer.


Cadastral Drafting Technician I/II Graphics Technician I/II Computer Mapping Technician Map Technician I/II


Bargaining Unit: 41

EEOC Job Category: 03

Occupational Grouping: 25

Workers' Comp Code: 0053