Sr. Deputy Public Guardian

Job Specifications

Class Code: DG6
Analyst: NP

Date Originated:


Date Reestablished:

January 2022
Date Revised:



Under general direction, plan, organize, and supervise the operations of the Public Guardian's office providing conservatorship and public payee services for persons referred or placed under jurisdiction of the Public Guardian; assist with the analysis and preparation of annual budgets for the Public Guardian program; analyze financial trends and forecasts, and invest client assets to gain highest and best returns, and perform other work as required. 


This position is responsible for supervising and evaluating the work of a group of Deputy Public Guardians, Mental Health, and/or support staff working in the Public Guardianís office. The incumbent also assists in managing and directing the program while also providing advanced journey level professional services to clients and perform the most difficult and complex casework for clients. This position is distinguished from the lower level of Deputy Public Guardian in that the Deputy Public Guardian is responsible for investigating recommendations for the appointment of a conservator or need of a representative payee. The Deputy Public Guardian recommends to the court the establishment, continuation, or termination of conservatorship; arranges for and monitors the care and treatment of persons placed under the jurisdiction of the Public Guardian; investigates and administers the personal and financial needs of persons under conservatorship or representation payeeship and safeguard the interests of and obtain legal services for clients.


Plan, organize, direct, supervise and review the work of the Public Guardian's office; develop administrative policies and procedures, and direct their implementation; set and evaluate procedures and standards for investigation and administration of all referrals, including the determination of client estates, complying with legal requirements, settling difficult estate property issues, providing for the personal care and treatment of conservatees, accounting for safeguarding personal and real property, and managing complex monetary transactions and investments; assign functions to staff members and maintains contact with staff of other agencies to monitor workflow and insure efficient service delivery; direct liaison with other County departments providing support services, such as Auditor-Controller, County Counsel, Public Defender, District Attorney, Health Services Agency including County Mental Health Services and others; direct liaison with courts, attorneys and other public and private agencies to insure the proper administration and management of conservatee estates and conservatee treatment plans; direct professional and clerical staff in the preparation of required reports, legal documents, and maintenance of detailed records documenting transactions in each case; interview and hire new employees and prepares written evaluations for all Public Guardian personnel in accordance with county personnel policies; analyze current year budget expenditures and revenues and assist with the preparation of proposed budget for coming fiscal year; analyze current trends in fiscal market and makes investment decisions concerning the management of client assets to gain highest and best interest returns; testify in court concerning the investigation or administration of conservatorships; sign checks, receipts, and other legal documents as required; prepares comprehensive reports and records, including job design and staffing estimates; assist with the investigation and administration of cases of a more complex and intricate nature; assist other agency personnel in training related to activities and services of the Public Guardian program; and may perform work in the field.



Thorough knowledge of:


Working knowledge of:

Ability to:

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

A bachelorís degree from an accredited college or university in business or public administration, social work, or related field AND Three years conservator guardianship investigation experience


Four years of line or staff management experience which includes at least two years of experience with conservator guardianship investigation experience.

Special Requirements/Conditions:


Bargaining Unit: 41
EEOC Job Category: 02
Occupational Grouping: 65
Workers' Compensation Code: 0290