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2/15, 4/19



Under general direction, to plan, develop, implement, and monitor the County's Occupational Health and Safety Program in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations; establish and implement policies and programs related to injury and illness prevention, occupational health, ergonomics, safety, general security protocols, hazardous materials compliance, and safety training and records management.


This single-position classification normally reports to the Director of General Services, but may report to a division head. The Safety Officer works with considerable independence, assisting departments in the determination of appropriate safety and security practices for their staff, addressing potential loss control issues, investigating work-related accidents and injuries and implementing measures to prevent their recurrence, and ensuring program compliance with State/Federal regulations and County policy.


   Plans, develops, implements, and monitors the County's Occupational Health and Safety Program in accordance with Federal, State and local regulations.

   Establishes and implements policies and programs related to injury and illness prevention, occupational health, ergonomics, safety, hazardous materials compliance, and safety training and records management.

   Coordinates with and provides technical assistance and advice to all County departments, agencies and staff on occupational health and safety.

   Collaborates effectively with and provides technical assistance to the County Administrative Office, the County Counsel's Office, the Health Services Agency and the Personnel Department (Risk Management).

   Obtains and develops safety and security protocols and distributes manuals and educational material.

   Assists departmental safety representatives, managers and supervisors in the development of continuing safety/security protocol training and education programs.

   Develops and conducts training related to occupational health and safety programs.

   Performs or assists departments in the inspection of operations, facilities and equipment; identify unsafe practices and conditions; recommends corrective actions; and conducts follow-up to ensure implementation of corrective actions.

   Create standardized safety and security protocols for each facility.

   Ensures, coordinates, implements and monitors County compliance with provisions of the California Occupational Safety and Health Act, California Labor Code and other applicable laws and regulations.

   Reviews federal and state statutes and regulations to help assure that County departments comply with requirements.

   Participates in the analysis of new regulations and statutes for effect on County occupational health and safety programs and County operations and prepares recommendations.

   Coordinates the County Integrated Pest Management Program.

   Develops and maintains policies and procedures related to occupational health and safety programs.

   Conducts on-going and specialized studies of trends and program efficacy, makes recommendations for resolution of problems, and implements solutions as approved.

   Prepares reports, position papers, and recommendations for presentation to the Board of Supervisors.

   Reviews and analyzes data and reports on property and casualty losses and accidents, conducts investigations, and makes recommendations for corrective and preventative action.

   Reviews specifications for remodeling and construction of County facilities, identifies potential risks and security protocol measures that shall be taken and suggests alternatives or methods for reduction of risks.

   Coordinates emergency, evacuation, security protocols, and site planning activities.

   Provides staff support for official and ad hoc committees, including the County Labor/Management Safety Committee, the County Departmental Safety Representatives, the Evacuation Coordinators, and the Integrated Pest Management Departmental Advisory Group, among others.

   Represents the County before governmental agencies, community groups and in court.

   Develops and maintains, in conjunction with data processing staff, records management systems for occupational health and safety programs.

   Provides administrative supervision to subordinates; provides technical supervision to subordinates within area(s) of expertise.

   Maintains library of reference and resource material.

   Uses computer to input, store, retrieve and analyze data, and to prepare correspondence and reports.

   Attends meetings and conferences.

   Assists in preparation of divisional budget.



Thorough knowledge of:

   The principles and practices of occupational health and safety and general security.

Working knowledge of:

   Federal and State laws and regulatory agencies related to occupational health and safety.

   The principles and practices of ergonomics.

   The principles and practices of administrative survey and analysis.

   The principles and practices of training.

   The principles and practices of security.

   Basic statistics.

Some knowledge of:

   The principles and practices of blood borne pathogen and infection control.

   The principles and practices of supervision.

   Record management systems.

   Budget preparation and administration.

Ability to:

   Define problems, collect analyze and interpret data, and develop alternate solutions to complex problems.

   Plan, coordinate and initiate actions necessary to implement recommendations, new regulations, new methods and new procedures.

   Understand, interpret, explain and apply laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

   Establish and maintain effective working relations with others contacted in course of work, including other agencies, staff, departments, contractors and members of the public.

   Prepare and present a variety of oral and written material concisely, convincingly, clearly and logically.

   Exercise initiative, ingenuity, independent analysis and judgment to solve complex problems.

   Provide administrative and technical supervision and training to subordinate staff.

   Develop and implement record management systems.

   Input, store, access and analyze data using computers.

Training and Experience:

Any combination of training and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

Equivalent to graduation from college with a degree in Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Science, Public Health, Biology, Chemistry, Industrial Engineering or a closely related field and three years of professional experience in occupational health and safety program administration or related security field.

Special Requirements:

   Possess and maintain a valid California Class C Driver's License or provide suitable transportation approved by the appointing authority.

   Certification as a Certified Associate Safety Professional, Certified Safety Professional, Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist, Certified Industrial Hygienist or Certified Physical Security Professional is highly desirable.

   Mentally and physically capable of performing the position's essential functions as summarized in the typical tasks portion of the job specification.

Special Working Conditions: Fieldwork may include exposure to dust, mold, moisture or other environmentally hazardous conditions; subject to after-hours response and extended work hours in the event of an emergency incident.


Bargaining Unit: 11
EEOC Job Category: 02
Occupational Grouping: 85
Workers' Compensation Code: 0285