Job Specifications

Class Code: FD2
Date Originated: 9/77 
Dates Revised: 9/83, 11/94 



Under supervision, provide care and cleaning for assigned areas in and around County buildings, offices, institutions and other facilities; and perform other duties as required.


This class is the entry and full journey level in the custodian series. Incumbents are assigned to work in various County buildings and facilities and are responsible for keeping assigned areas clean and orderly. This class is distinguished from the next higher class of Custodian Leadworker in that the latter class, as a secondary assignment, guides, checks, assigns, and corrects the work of a group of Custodians.


Sweep, mop, scrub, strip, wax, and buff floors; sweep, vacuum, shampoo, and steam clean carpets; operate heavy floor care equipment; dust and polish furniture, woodwork, metalwork, fixtures and equipment; sweep walks, stairways and entryways; empty waste receptacles and ash trays and dispose of trash; wash walls, fixtures, equipment and windows; clean, disinfect, and polish water fountains, sinks and other fixtures and equipment; maintain rest-rooms in sanitary condition and replenish supplies; replace light bulbs and fluorescent tubes; make elementary repairs to fixtures and equipment, such as replacing faucet washers and installing shelves; report the need for maintenance work to superiors; move and arrange office equipment and furniture; set up furniture for meetings; report conditions which may indicate vandalism, illegal entry or fire hazards; clean venetian blinds and screens; remove dirty linen; maintain supplies of clean linen; maintain designated areas in aseptic condition; may raise and lower flags; may deliver outdated drugs and outdated confidential records to the County warehouse for secure disposal; may provide security for assigned areas, such as open and lock doors and windows and turn on/off lights; may provide initial training for new employees; may provide vacation and other relief for su pervisor and for other classes, as required.


Knowledge of:

Some knowledge of:

Ability to:

Education and Experience:

Special Requirements/Conditions:

Bargaining Unit: 41
EEOC Job Category: 08
Occupational Grouping: 26
Workers' Comp Code: 1160