Job Specifications

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Analyst: CL


Date Originated: 5/23


Date Revised:





Under general direction, to plan, organize, direct, develop, and manage the operations and staff of the Code Compliance Unit; to enforce various codes and ordinances relating to building, land use, environmental protection, zoning, vehicle and nuisance abatement codes.



The Code Compliance Manager is a single position classification assigned full supervisory responsibility for professional and support staff and is responsible for ensuring that investigations and enforcement operations are in compliance with County codes and State regulations relating to land use, building, zoning, development, and code enforcement. The Code Compliance Manager advises the Community Development and Infrastructure Department executive management on code enforcement issues. The incumbent may handle and/or provide guidance on the most complex and unusual cases.

This class is distinguished from the class of Code Compliance Investigator IV in that the latter has ongoing lead work responsibilities and specific operational responsibility for programs such as abatement of dangerous buildings and sites, neglected properties, and performs investigations with major policy, liability and multi-jurisdictional impacts. The Code Compliance Manager has on-going program and staff management responsibility for the Code Compliance Unit.


This class is distinguished from the class of Principal Planner in that the latter manages the operation of a section of the Planning Division related to land use, urban planning, or environmental studies,

whereas the Code Compliance Manager manages the enforcement of building, zoning, environmental and nuisance codes.


This class is distinguished from the next higher class of Assistant Planning Director in that the latter class is responsible for managing several sections of the Planning Division or a related land use agency.




         Determines, plans, develops, implements, and manages the operations and priorities of the Code Compliance Program to achieve program objectives;

         Develops, evaluates, recommends, and implements policies and procedures to ensure code enforcement practices are in compliance with County Codes and State regulations;

         Interviews, hires, supervises, trains, evaluates, and disciplines subordinate staff;

         Evaluates, assigns, and adjusts workloads of subordinate staff and/or contractors;

         Conducts investigation and follow-up activities to monitor and ensure code compliance;

         Interprets and explains code enforcement related ordinances, requirements and regulations to staff, public, and other County agencies;

         Negotiates with individuals and/or groups to provide conflict resolution and gain cooperation in resolving code violations;

         Compiles information for court proceedings;

         Issues correction notices and/or citations for violations or non-compliance;

         Assesses fines and initiates legal and/or administrative code enforcement actions;

         Coordinates code enforcement activities with other County departments and/or agencies;

         Provides expert testimony relating to code enforcement issues in court and at administrative proceedings;

         Provides direction and assistance on politically sensitive code enforcement cases;

         Represents the County at regulatory meetings and hearings;

         Acts as a liaison with County and State agencies, the Board of Supervisors, various public and private agencies, and community organizations relating to code enforcement activities and/or issues;

         Determines budgetary requirements and makes annual budget recommendations to maintain the Code Compliance Program;

         Prepares reports and correspondence;

         Monitors and keeps abreast of current trends and changes in the code enforcement field, evaluates the impact on program operations and recommends policy and procedural improvements;

         Provides assistance and consultation to advisory and planning boards, commissions, tasks forces, and other special groups relating to code enforcement;

         Monitors Code Compliance Program performance, reports on program metrics, and recommends process improvements;

         May manage or support the management of cannabis enforcement activities;

         Oversees the development and maintenance of the Code Compliance Programís database;

         Performs related duties as required.




Thorough Knowledge of:

         Principles, methods, and techniques used in investigations and enforcement work including appropriate legal requirements and constraints;

         County Codes and State regulations governing code enforcement, building, land use, environmental protection, zoning, cannabis, and nuisance abatement;

         Principles of negotiating and reaching agreement;

         Effective public relations techniques;

         Criminal and civil laws, legal processes and court procedures relating to code enforcement;

         Principles of organization and administrative, fiscal and program management;

         Principles of supervision, training, and development;

         Conflict resolution techniques;

         Common information systems applications;

         Procedures used in gathering and compiling information;

         Interviewing principles and techniques;

         Investigate techniques and procedures;

         Federal, state, and local land use regulatory agencies;

         Uniform building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes.



Working Knowledge of:


         Office procedures and practices, including preparation of correspondence, reports and filing;

         Record keeping procedures and practices;

         California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA);

         Principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership.

Ability to:

         Plan, organize, manage, and evaluate a code enforcement program;

         Supervise, train, and evaluate subordinate staff;

         Interpret, enforce, and apply State regulations and County Ordinance codes governing code enforcement, building, land use, environmental protection, zoning, housing, and nuisance abatement codes;

         Conduct thorough investigations/inspections and initiate legal action for issues of non-compliance;

         Prepare clear and concise correspondence and reports;

         Communicate effectively in oral and written form;

         Establish and maintain effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders;

         Develop and recommend effective courses of action;

         Establish and maintain program objectives, priorities, and policies;

         Consult with and advise executive team, Board of Supervisors on the activities and status of the program;

         Develop budget plans;

         Maintain Code Compliance Program database;

         Walk over uneven terrain such as unpaved roads, hills, trails, construction sites, and streams;

         Perform tasks which require coordination and balance, such as walking on narrow ledges or on logs to cross streams.

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain these knowledge and abilities would be: 

Six (6) years of experience performing increasingly responsible code enforcement or related activities, including two (2) years of supervision or lead worker responsibility. 


Certification by the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO) as a certified Code Enforcement Officer is highly desirable.


Special Requirements/Conditions:


License: Possession of a valid California Class C Driver License prior to appointment.

Special Working Conditions: Exposure to: variable temperatures; slippery surfaces; loud noises; sunburn; dust and pollen; silica dust such as asbestos in old homes; bee stings; infections, such as tick-borne Lyme disease or mosquito-borne encephalitis; angry or hostile persons; corrosive chemicals; wetness, such as while walking in the rain or through a stream on a site inspection.


Bargaining Unit: 11

EEOC Job Category: 02

Occupational Grouping: 28

Workers' Comp Code: 0053