Job Specifications

Class Code: PG7
Analyst: LW
Date Originated: 4/91
Dates Revised: 7/87, 9/88, 4/97, 10/98 


Under direction, to serve as a lead and to assist a program manager in the direction, evaluation, and supervision of a General Medical Clinic and other clinics; and to do other work as required.


Positions in this class provide lead direction for an assigned major medical clinic, including screening patients for medical need and arranging for follow-up care as directed; scheduling and training subordinate staff; assuring quality of care; and coordinating clinic services with other providers and programs.

This class is distinguished from the class of Public Health Nurse III in that the latter class is responsible for a full range of public health duties and supervision of public health nursing professional staff. This class is distinguished from the next lower class of Clinic Nurse II in that while both classes provide direct nursing care to clients, the Clinic Nurse III also coordinates clinic activities, while a Clinic Nurse II may perform field assignments.

Incumbents are encouraged to continue their education to be eligible for Public Health Nursing certification.


Plans, assigns and schedules and may supervise the day-to-day activities of a major public health medical clinic; screens patients for the urgency of their medical needs, determining which to refer to a physician, and arranging for medical services; reviews charts and patient care for completeness, compliance with clinic protocols and professional standards; reports legally defined illnesses and conditions to the proper authorities; acting under medical orders provided by County physicians, refers General Medical Clinic clients for specialty services; coordinates clinic nursing function, including oversight of work of nursing support staff; ensures that the clinic is stocked, clean and adheres to Infection Control Policy; attends designated staff meetings; keeps current with changing standards of practice; assists to implement nursing components of clinic functions; and provides training and in-service education to other staff members.




Training and Experience


Bargaining Unit: General Rep
EEOC Job Category: 02
Occupational Grouping:
58 Worker's Comp Code: 0290