(Exempt from Civil Service)

Job Specifications


Class Code: PT8
Analyst: SC
Date Originated: 11/82
Dates Revised: 6/95



Subject to legislative and administrative determination of policy, be responsible for and direct the public health, mental health, and alcohol and drug service programs of the County; and perform other duties as required.


This single position class is responsible for the development and implementation, on a County-wide basis, of Health Services Agency programs designed to provide public health, mental health, and alcohol and drug services to individuals within the community. It also oversees centrally provided administrative services such as in regard to personnel, finance, MIS, and facilities.

This position receives administrative direction from the County Administrative Officer. The class is distinguished from subordinate managerial classes in the Agency in that the latter are assigned more specific areas of program responsibility consistent with their disciplines, including public health, mental health, and alcohol and drug services.


Establish and maintain goals, objectives and plans for carrying out departmental functions, consistent with overall County goals; establish and maintain appropriate administrative policies, services, structures, controls and reporting systems for the effective and efficient performance of public health, mental health and substance abuse functions; supervise and coordinate the activities of bureau and division heads and provide them with needed administrative support and services; recommend plans for the establishment of new services, abolishment of services or major changes in methods that services are provided; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with community organizations and groups concerned with health care; coordinate departmental activities with other public agencies, including State and county agencies, to improve services; recommend the annual department budget to the County Administrative Officer and assist in presenting these to the Board of Supervisors; recommend contractual services and have ultimate responsibility for the implementation, control, monitoring and evaluation of such services; conduct inter-agency and community relations activities relating to the services of the department; appoint and evaluate the performance of direct subordinates; provide assistance and advice as required to appointive boards and commissions; and interface with administrators in regard to issues with State-wide impact such as systems, financing, policies, and mandates.


Knowledge of:

Thorough knowledge of:

Working knowledge of:

Ability to:

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience which would provide the required knowledges and abilities is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledges and abilities would be:

Four years of broad and extensive, high level administrative or management experience that would demonstrate possession or application of the knowledges and abilities listed above which must have included at least two years of experience in a public health agency or administrative work related to health care programs. A Master's degree in health administration or a related field is desirable but not required.

Special Requirements/Conditions:

Bargaining Unit: 04
EEOC Job Category: 01
Occupational Grouping: 61
Workers' Comp Code: 290