Job Specifications

Class Code: SE5
Analyst: EM

                          Date Originated:      
                          Date Revised: 11/78, 10/13




Under direction, to plan, organize and supervise the work of a unit of Benefits Representative Trainees/Benefits Representatives engaged in determining or verifying initial and continuing eligibility for one or more public assistance programs; and to do other related work as required.



This is the supervisory class in the Benefit Representative series. Positions in this class function as unit supervisors over a group of subordinates performing eligibility determination and grant or benefit computation, verification, and clerical support activities.



Plans, assigns, reviews and evaluates the work of subordinate eligibility and clerical staff engaged in interviewing applicants for and recipients of public assistance to determine or reestablish eligibility, reviewing applications and declarations for proper completion and factors affecting eligibility, computing grant or benefit amounts, setting up and maintaining records, conducting quality assurance audits on randomly selected eligibility cases to verify eligibility determinations and establish the existence and extent of irregularities, maintaining control records on case assignments, and preparing and mailing notices to clients; analyzes unit needs and establishes work priorities; determines flow of work in the unit and establishes schedules and controls to assure an even and timely workflow pattern; regularly reviews completed staff work to insure compliance with regulations, agency policies, performance standards and unit goals; assists subordinates in handling complex eligibility problems and dealing with difficult clients; may determine and verify initial and continuing eligibility for complex confidential public assistance program cases; provides assistance with a variety of technology applications necessary to perform the job; holds individual and group conferences to discuss or interpret regulations and policies; trains new unit staff members and provides ongoing training to staff on changes in regulations or procedures and to correct deficiencies; advises, superiors of the need for specialized training; participates in agency-wide training of Benefits Representative Trainees/Benefits Representatives and other staff; clearly communicates performance expectations to subordinates and advises them of needed adjustments; evaluates performance of subordinates and takes or recommends appropriate action; recognizes and effectively deals with personnel problems affecting the work of the unit and the cooperative functioning of the unit with other agency staff; consults with other supervisors to coordinate activities and avoid unnecessary duplication; maintains statistical controls to monitor the unit's functioning, distributes work responsibility, anticipates future needs, and provides guidelines for worker evaluation; assists subordinates with fair hearing process as required; may represent the department at fair hearings; keeps supervisor informed of unit functioning and consults with supervisor on difficult personnel problems, policy matters, business processes, performance standards and unusual eligibility problems; serves on departmental committees and takes part in studies or research projects; attends and conducts unit meetings; attends and participates in conferences, and in-service training sessions; prepares reports on matters related to unit activities; may provide vacation and other temporary relief for supervisor or for other classes as required.



Any combination of education and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying, unless otherwise specified. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

Two years of experience at a level equivalent to Benefits Representative in the Santa Cruz County system which would demonstrate application or possession of the knowledge and abilities listed below.

Training in supervisory techniques or supervisory experience is highly desirable.


Thorough knowledge of:

· The procedures involved in eligibility determination.

· The principal sources of information necessary to establish eligibility for public assistance.

· Interviewing techniques for obtaining factual information.

· The department’s computerized record keeping systems.

· The technology applications used by the department.

    Working knowledge of:

·   The basic regulations governing eligibility and grant determination for all public assistance programs.

·   Work organization and record keeping practices.

·   Common community resources.

·   The basic functions and services provided by a public social service agency.

Some knowledge of:

·   The principles of supervision and training.

Ability to:

·   Plan, assign, supervise and evaluate subordinate eligibility and clerical staff.

·   Effectively use data reports to oversee the work of subordinate staff.

·   Interpret, explain and apply complex regulations, directives and policies dealing with eligibility determination and program operation.

·   Analyze problem situations and adopt an effective course of action. Establish priorities and schedule work to meet deadlines.

·   Evaluate unit operations and revise procedures and workflow as needed to improve efficiency.

·   Communicate clearly and effectively in oral and written form.

·   Establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, departmental staff, and others contacted in the course of work.

·   Recognize and effectively handle personnel problems.

·   Prepare reports and correspondence.


PREVIOUS CLASS TITLES: Eligibility Supervisor I

Bargaining Unit: 41
EEOC Job Category: 03
Occupational Grouping: 64
Workers' Compensation Code: 0053