(Series Specification)

Job Specifications


Class Code: SM4
Dates Revised: 8/83, 2/84, 7/90, 5/99, 11/01 


Under direction, to carry a service caseload and to provide social services; to conduct social studies and develop service plans which may include the need for specialized social services, to provide information about available services and to refer clients to appropriate departmental or community human services resources; and to do other work as required.


Factors used in allocating positions to classes in this series include: complexity, sensitivity and difficulty of casework problems; duration and level of casework intervention and therapy; authority for decision making; likelihood and consequence of error; the emergency or crisis nature of services; degree of supervision received; and lead/consultative responsibilities for other Social Workers.

Social Worker I is the trainee level class for functions of moderate difficulty in programs such as Licensing, In-Home Support Services. Incumbents under close supervision are expected to develop knowledge of the laws, policies, and administrative procedures of County social work programs, to learn the principles of human behavior and development, to develop interviewing, counseling, assessment, caseload organization and management skills and to use community resources. Incumbents are expected to gain the knowledge and abilities to promote to Social Worker II.

Social Worker II is the journey level class for functions of moderate difficulty (e.g., In-Home Support Services, Licensing, Public Guardian). Social Worker II's work with a minimum amount of supervision. Incumbents are required to use assessment, interviewing and counseling skills to perform moderate to complex casework services. Some positions may act as leadworker. This is the highest class level allocated for assignments in Licensing, In-Home Support.

The class of Social Worker II is also the first working level for the most specialized, sensitive and difficult casework areas which include assignments in Protective Services, Adoptions, Juvenile Court, Placement and MSSP. Incumbents assigned to these services work with a moderate amount of supervision and are expected to gain through training and experience the knowledge and abilities to promote to Senior Social Worker. Senior Social Worker is the super journey level. Incumbents spend a substantial part of their time on the most difficult, sensitive and specialized services where major case decisions are made independently and where consequence of error may be significant. Advanced casework skills, a high degree of program knowledge, judgment and creativity are required. Assignments are in Protective Services, Adoptions, Juvenile Court, Placement or MSSP. Incumbents may, as an additional duty, serve as an alternate supervisor or in a lead capacity.


Processes applications and renewals for foster care or day care licenses; interprets regulations and statutes; visits applicants facilities in inspect for compliance with health, fire, building, community care and other safety regulations; explains requirements and responsibilities for foster or day care homes; recommends approval or denial of applications; recommends actions to correct deficiencies; investigates complaints, interviews parties and develops corrective action plans as necessary; prepares a statement of facts, as necessary, to recommend to State Department of Social Services action to revoke a license; may represent the agency in administrative hearings; prepares and recommends various types of exemptions to licensing regulations; may conduct orientation sessions for applicants; prepares reports and correspondence.

In-Home Support
Assesses client's physical and mental limitations, mobility, and activities of daily living and authorizes in-home support services based on the assessment; reassesses service needs annually or when a change in circumstances occurs; provides services and counseling in areas such as aging, disability, loss, and medical issues; provides information and referral to other community resources; refers physical abuse, neglect or fiduciary abuse issues to protective services; refers potential need for out-of-home care placement to protective services; contacts client's family, support group, physician and other resources as needed to insure appropriate use of IHSS services; verifies program eligibility; completes reports and correspondence.

Public Guardian Serve as conservators or representative payees for persons under the jurisdiction of the Public Guardian; investigate recommendations for the appointment of a conservator pursuant to law or needs of a representative payee; recommend to the court the established, continuation, or termination of conservatorships; arrange for and monitor the care and treatment of persons placed under the jurisdiction of the Public Guardian; investigate and administer the personal and financial needs of persons under conservatorship or representation payeeship; safeguard the interests and assets of clients; obtain legal and other services for clients; prepares reports and correspondence.



Social Worker I

Working knowledge of social and economic factors which influence family life;

Some knowledge of:

Social Worker II

Working knowledge of:

Some knowledge of:

Ability to:

Social Worker I

Social Worker II

Training and Experience: Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. Typical ways to obtain these knowledge and abilities would be:

Social Worker I: Two years of directly related training or experience which would demonstrate the application of the knowledge and abilities,

Successful completion of twenty-four (24) semester units in social welfare, social human services, sociology or other behavior science from a recognized college that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and abilities.

Social Worker II: One year of experience performing social service casework services comparable to a Social Worker I in Santa Cruz County.

A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college with a major in social work, social welfare, human services, or one of the social or behavioral sciences.