Job Specifications

Class Code: SM6
Analyst:  TC
Date Originated: 4/06
Date Revised:



Under direction, to carry out quality assurance activities for the in Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program, implementing quality assessment and quality improvement measurers to ensure that services are performed efficiently and in accordance with laws, regulations, and quality standards; and to do other work as required. 


This position is responsible for a variety of activities and tasks to assess and improve the quality and efficiency of IHSS.  This position monitors and collects data regarding delivery of IHSS, reviews such data, and works with staff to design activities, procedures and other tools to improve service delivery to clients.  The position also assists social workers in making proper use of the various tools, procedures, and systems needed to perform their job duties.  The incumbent must possess expertise and experience in social work practice specific to IHSS, as well as an understanding of quality assurance and program evaluation concepts and methods.  The incumbent may be expected to exercise considerable independent judgment. 

IHSS Quality Assurance Specialist is responsible for functions involving the assessment of IHSS compliance with State guidelines regarding uniformity and authorization of service hours.  Incumbents are expected to use assessment and interviewing skills, possess significant program knowledge and experience, understand regulatory requirements, and perform a range of quality assurance tasks.


Assesses the efficiency of IHSS procedures and practices and works with managers, supervisors, and line staff to develop measures to streamline and improve efficiency; conducts desk reviews of IHSS social worker case files to review authorization of hours in terms of uniformity guidelines and to recommend needed changes; review of various reports to evaluate data; make home visits with IHSS clients to assess if service authorization needs correspond to case documentation and state standards; assess the compliance of agency procedures and practices with legal and regulatory requirements, and works with managers, supervisors, and line staff to develop measures to improve and ensure compliance; assesses the quality of service delivery to clients and works with managers, supervisors, and line staff to develop measurers to improve service quality and implement best practice standards; review documentation about critical events to evaluate effectiveness of response to serious health/safety risks to consumers; reviews reports to detect and prevent potential fraud by provider and/or client clients; carries out follow-up steps to ensure that no new problems have been introduced  and that corrective actions have been effective;  assists staff in proper utilization of electronic databases and systems; the consistency and efficiency of social work practice; d3evelops, maintains, and updates resource material for use by staff; prepares reports and recommendations to implement quality improvement measures; review and helps to implement procedures pertaining to “person centered planning” such as development and availability of back up care plan options for consumers; assists in measuring short-term and long-term program objectives.



Thorough knowledge of:

Working knowledge of:

Ability to:


One year of experience performing IHSS casework in a public agency at a level equivalent to a Social Worker II OR a Bachelor’s Degree AND six months experience equivalent to a Social Worker II in IHSS in Santa Cruz County that demonstrates in-depth application and/or possession of the required knowledge and abilities of the program.


Possession of a valid California Class C Driver’s License or the employee must be able to provide suitable transportation that is approved by the appointing authority.


Bargaining Unit: General Rep - 41
EEOC Category: 02
Occupational Grouping:  66
Workers' Comp Code:  0285