Job Specifications

Class Code:TG9
Analyst: LR/DTW
Date Originated:5/77
Date Revised: 9/06



Under administrative direction, to plan, organize and direct a County-wide agricultural and weights and measures inspection and enforcement program; to direct the operations of the Agricultural, Weights and Measures and Mosquito and Vector Control Departments; to promote and protect the agricultural industry, the environment and the public; and to do related work as required. The County must comply with applicable qualification and appointment requirements in the Food and Agricultural Code and the Business and Professional Code.


This single position class is responsible for formulating, interpreting and administering a program to provide effective enforcement of agricultural and measurement standards, laws and regulations. Work is performed independently, and requires broad knowledge of the principles of organization and management as well as knowledge of applicable federal, state and local laws governing the operations of this department. Administrative direction is received from the County Administrative Officer and the Board of Supervisors.


Formulates and directs the application of policies conforming with state agricultural laws and regulations, federal domestic plant quarantines, state plant quarantines, and sections of the California Business and Professions Code regulating weights and measures, bulk and packaged commodities, weighmasters, and petroleum products; directs the work of a staff engaged in inspection of pesticide use and storage, standardization and quarantine of agricultural and nursery products, the detection, control and abatement of agricultural pests, the inspection, testing and sealing of all commercial weighing and measuring devices, the inspection and testing of packaged goods and bulk commodities for proper weight, measure or count, the inspection of weighmaster activities, and petroleum products; formulates and directs application and implementation of policies on mosquito and vector control consistent with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations; evaluates the effectiveness of existing operations; develops and executes plans for the organization, direction and improvement of departmental services; prepares the annual budget and controls departmental expenditures; directs the development of in-service training programs; attends local and state-wide meetings and conferences to exchange information on the most effective means of agricultural and weights and measures inspection and enforcement and improvement of agricultural conditions; directs investigations of reported violations, conducts office hearings, and files complaints; prepares or directs the preparation of periodic reports on the activities of the department and the status of agriculture in the County; plans and directs surveys to gather agricultural statistics; reviews legislation affecting agriculture and measurement standards and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and state associations of agriculture and weights and measures officials; consults and cooperates with state and county agencies, cooperative extension agents and industry representatives; speaks before professional and lay groups on agricultural and weights and measures subjects; analyzes and prepares recommendations related to agricultural land use in cooperation with other department and agencies.



  Thorough knowledge of:

Ability to:

Training and Experience:

Two years of responsible management experience at a level equivalent to or higher than that of a Deputy Agricultural Commissioner or Deputy Sealer of Weights and Measures and Measures, which demonstrates the application, or possession of the required knowledge and abilities listed above.

Special Requirements:

Certification required: Possession of valid Licenses of eligibility as a County Agricultural Commissioner and as a County Sealer of Weights and Measures. Possession of a valid California Driver's License.

Bargaining Unit: 04
EEOC Job Category: 01
Occupational Grouping: 73
Workers' Compensation Code: 0285