Job Specifications

Class Code: TM5 
Analyst:  CE 
Date Originated: 02/91 
Date Revised:  



Under direction, supervises, administers and manages the sampling, monitoring, and reporting programs for County household hazardous waste and solid waste programs; or industrial waste pretreatment, waste minimization, and source control programs; prepares, coordinates and administers grant funded programs in solid waste management, household hazardous waste management and resource recovery; or industrial waste pretreatment, waste minimization and source control; plans, develops and delivers hazardous, solid or industrial waste and waste minimization training programs; and does other work as required.


This position is responsible for overseeing and managing the sampling, monitoring and reporting programs for the County solid waste and household hazardous waste programs, or the industrial waste pretreatment, waste minimization and source control programs. Incumbents are expected to work independently and serve as the County representative to Federal, State and local regulatory agencies, environmental consultants, and engineering and construction contractors. Additional responsibilities include developing, preparing and coordinating grant funded and other complex waste management and resource recovery projects; assessment of environmental related policy issues; interpretation of Federal, State and local regulations; and consultation with District Directors and County Supervisors. Incumbents are expected to be on call and respond during heavy storms and other emergencies.


Supervises, administers and manages the State mandated sampling, monitoring and reporting programs for industrial waste, hazardous and solid wastes, groundwater, surface water, landfill gas, leachate, air quality and soils; reviews contracts reports and tests performed by contractors and environmental consultants, interprets test results and identifies problems, makes recommendations or requires corrections to problems; takes samples, conducts field tests and trains staff on proper sampling and inspection techniques; plans, develops and delivers a variety of safety and educational programs to landfill and inspection staff; supervises inspection of solid waste loads, operation of County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities and solid waste data acquisition at landfill gatehouses, or supervises inspections of industrial waste users for compliance with State and Federal standards; may conduct chemical analysis of solid, industrial or hazardous wastes; reviews newly adopted and standing legislation related to solid and hazardous wastes and resource recovery, or industrial waste pretreatment, waste minimization and source control, and recommends programs and procedures for compliance; represents the County as a technical expert or liaison at the Federal, State and local level for solid and hazardous waste management and related issues, or industrial waste management and waste minimization; researches grant sources, prepares grant applications, and administers grant funded programs; prepares bid proposals and requests for grants for solid waste, hazardous waste and resource recovery projects or industrial waste, waste minimization and source control projects; reviews and makes recommendations on bids and quotes; coordinates with landfill and inspection staff consultants and engineers on landfill construction plans or industrial and hazardous waste discharge pretreatment systems; may serve as construction project resident engineer by reviewing and ins pecting work to ensure conformance with plans, specifications and County regulations, as well as maintaining required documentation and processing progress payments; monitors and interprets conditions during storms and other hazardous situations and recommends appropriate actions; prepares complex technical reports and recommendations; plans, develops and implements the Household Hazardous Waste Program and the environmental control programs for the County landfills, or the Industrial Waste, Waste Minimization and Source Control Programs, and other related programs and projects; makes public presentations; attends meetings, conferences, and pertinent educational programs; inputs, accesses and analyzes data using a computer; may act as a technical advisor to District or County boards on policy and technical environmental issues.



Ability to

Training and Experience

Any combination of training and experience, which would provide the required knowledges and abilities, is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these knowledges and abilities would be:

Equivalent to graduation from college with a major in biological, chemical, physical or soil science, environmental health, environmental or sanitary engineering, industrial hygiene or related field and two years of professional experience in a related field which provides the knowledges and abilities listed above.


Possess and maintain a valid California Class C Driver's License.


Bargaining Unit: En Rep

EEOC Job Category: 03

Occupational Grouping: 25