Job Specifications

Class Code:  WA9
Analyst:  GLD
Date Originated: 8/88
Date Revised: 6/04



Subject to legislative and administrative determination of policy, to plan, organize, coordinate and direct the administration of the Redevelopment Department, and to do other work as required. 


This position serves as the Department Head for the Redevelopment Department. The incumbent is responsible for Redevelopment Agency administration, planning, budgeting and project coordination. This position serves as the Chair of the Redevelopment Task Force and as the Program Manager to coordinate interdepartmental redevelopment projects. The incumbent is required to possess skills in managing teams, coordinating interdepartmental projects, setting up and maintaining communications systems, and in managing a rapidly growing complex redevelopment program. This position receives direction from the County Administrative Officer. 

TYPICAL TASKS: Plans, organizes, and directs the administration of the Redevelopment Department including coordinating redevelopment and capital improvement projects and programs with other County departments and community agencies; serves as the chair for the interdepartmental Redevelopment Task Force; establishes objectives and time tables for major redevelopment projects; resolves problems; recommends the annual departmental budget to the County Administrative Officer and assists in presenting the budget to the Board of Supervisors; represents the County in complex contract negotiations and oversees the development and administration of contracts; confers with the Board of Supervisors and other officials concerning Redevelopment and other related projects; oversees and coordinates long-range planning for economic and Redevelopment programs; represents the County before community groups and to the business community on matters relating to Redevelopment; oversees community outreach for the redevelopment program; assures that the Redevelopment projects are fast tracked, that required resources are secured, and that interdisciplinary cooperation is maintained; selects and evaluates the work of staff; directs and coordinates the activities of subordinate management staff; establishes Redevelopment policies and procedures including work agreements or protocols which delineate interdepartmental expectations and responsibilities; reviews, maintains and updates interdepartmental work agreements and protocols as required; reviews and evaluates Redevelopment Agency operations and programs to assure adherence to legal requirements including reporting requirements; keeps abreast of pending legislation concerning Redevelopment; maintains a positive public image for the Redevelopment agencies; attends meetings and conferences; coordinates with staff in the Planning Department who are independently responsible for administering the Agency’s housing activities.



Ability to: 

Training and Experience: 

Special Requirements

Unit: 04
EEOC Job Category: 01
Occupational Grouping: 85
Workers’ Comp Code: 0053