Section: Sept.1999
Number:  I.3.
Date Issued: Nov.1990
Date Revised: Sept.1999


To document personnel administrative policies and procedures in a standard format and provide for a method of assuring distribution to departments.


All personnel administrative policies and procedures will be documented and distributed to departments in a standard format. These policies and procedures will be retained in a binder in the departments for reference as to interpretation of policies and procedures of the Personnel Department.


Creation of a policy/procedure

A. The Personnel Department will document policies and procedures used in interpretation and application of codes; rules; Civil Service Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, County Administrative Office and Board of Supervisors policies; and Personnel Department practices.

B. A standard format and numbering system will be used for the purpose of department maintenance of the policies/procedures in a Personnel Administrative Manual.

C. Draft language will be distributed to affected departments, divisions or functions for comments, prior to finalization.

D. Final versions of a policy/procedure will be presented to the department through the training of departmental liaisons.

II. Updating of Policies/Procedures

A. Changes to policies/procedures will follow the same practice as the creation of a policy/procedure.

B. Departmental Liaisons will be sent updates along with instructions for filing in the Personnel Administrative Manual and, if appropriate, an updated Table of Contents for the Manual.

C. Policies and procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis, in December of each year, for necessary updates.

III. Other policies and procedures

A. Personnel/Payroll Clerk Policies and Procedures - Specific countywide procedures that are required to process personnel transactions are documented in a separate detailed procedure manual.

B. Internal Personnel Department policies and procedures will be documented in the Personnel Procedures Manual which will be distributed to Personnel Department staff and Agency Personnel Department staff.

C. Personnel Regulations, Memoranda of Understanding and other published literature may be the source of policies on specific matters. These are noted in the table of contents of the Personnel Administrative Manual if this is the case.

IV. Basis for Personnel Policies and Procedures

A. Personnel Regulations including:

1. Section 110 - Definitions
2. Section 120 - County Code Provisions, Personnel Program
3. Section 130 - Civil Service Rules
4. Section 140 - Computation of Probation
5. Section 150 - References
6. Section 160 - Salary, Compensation and Leave Provisions
7. Section 170 - Other Personnel Program Provisions
8. Section 180 - Employer/Employee Relations
9 Section 190 - Equal Employment Opportunity/Non-Discrimination Program

B. Memorandum of Understanding with various representation units

C. Federal and State laws and regulations

D. Case law impacting specific practices

E. Personnel professional standards in general.