Topic: Contract Compliance Program
Section: Equal Employment Opportunity
Number: II.16.a. 
Date Issued: August 13, 1992
Date Revised: Sept.1999


To review, monitor and report on awards of capital expenditures, contracts and procurement to determine whether or not they reflect the composition of women, men, minority and disabled owned businesses within the County of Santa Cruz.


The County endorses the principles of the Civil Rights Act - Title VII to assure that discrimination does not exist within employment and other County activities as they relate to women, minorities and the disabled.


  1. It is the policy of the County to review procedures and actions that would have an adverse impact on women, minorities or the disabled. In order to assure that discrimination does not exist in the area of capital expenditures, contracts and procurement, the Contract Compliance program is established. This program will improve methods of tracking and monitoring these activities.

  2. The Contract Compliance Program elements include:

    1. Definitions, forms and procedures for outreach, identification and tracking of local women/minority/disabled business enterprises.

    2. Standard County Bidding procedures that encourages the participation of women/men/minority/disabled enterprises.

    3. Standard contractual language to ensure women/minority/disabled enterprises participation in contract and sub-contract awards.

    4. Standard reporting formats and procedures to be used in quarterly reporting of activities related to contracts and procurement which are not processed through the purchasing system.

    5. Quarterly review by the Equal Employment Opportunity Program Office and development of summary reports for review by the Personnel Director and the County Administrative Officer.

    6. Instructions to departments on methods to expand opportunities for local, women, men, minorities and disabled owned businesses consistent with the purpose of this policy.


  1. The Equal Employment Opportunity Officer shall develop procedures and a definitions for contractors and prospective vendors identifying Women-Minority/Disabled ownership status. (See PAM II.16B)

  2. The Equal Employment Opportunity Division staff in coordination with General Services/Purchasing Division, will assist in developing sources for contacting and soliciting participation in the bidding process for local/ women/men/minority/disabled owned enterprises.

  3. The pool of available local/ women/men/minority/disabled business enterprises will be maintained on the General Services Department/ Purchasing Division purchasing system data base.

  4. Departments will assure that the contract compliance information is completed for all contract, service, capital or other procurement processes. Copies of this information is to be retained in the contract file and included in the letter developed for Board of Supervisors approval of any resulting agreement. Copies of the letter shall be provided to the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. Additionally, the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer shall be provided with advance notice of any departmentally initiated Request for Proposals (RFP's) or other solicitations for contracts or services. The Equal Employment Opportunity Officer shall gather statistical information of these activities on an ongoing basis.

  5. Quarterly reports of purchasing transactions prepared by General Services Purchasing Division identifying the numbers and dollar amounts spent with local businesses, including designations for women/men/ minority/disabled owned businesses.

  6. The Equal Employment Opportunity Division staff will compile quarterly reports to the County Administrative Office detailing contract activity for the County.

  7. The Equal Employment Opportunity Division staff will prepare an annual report to the Board of Supervisors to be presented with the annual Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, on contract activity for the County.