Date Issued:

Dec 21, 1990

Date Revised:

April 14, 2010








To define the purpose of the Job Interest System; to identify its components; to describe the procedures related to individuals who intend to apply for a position.


  1. Santa Cruz County maintains a Job Interest System (JIS) to assist in recruiting potential applicants. The JIS provides individuals with an opportunity to enter their name and contact information into a computerized system that will notify them by mail or e-mail when recruitments become open. 
  2. The JIS consists of the following: a computerized system, Job Interest Forms (JIF), and an alphabetical list of class titles. All components are available at the Personnel Department and on the County of Santa Cruz Employment Opportunities website.
  3. Individual names are systematically removed from the JIS after a period of one year.


        I.            Individuals:
Individuals who are interested in positions for which Personnel is not currently accepting applications, may enter their name, contact information and job class code into the JIS by completing a Job Interest Form, or by calling the Personnel Department to request they be added to the JIS.

Individuals may review County class specifications, occupational groupings, and complete a Job Interest Form at the Personnel Department or on the County of Santa Cruz Employment Opportunities website.

     II.            Personnel:

                             A.            Staff will assist individuals with submitting Job Interest Forms.

                             B.            Hardcopy Job Interest Forms are received, and input into the JIS. (If job class codes and other information is not clearly identified, ESD staff will attempt to contact the individual for clarification. Staff will input information into the JIS in a timely manner. The date it is entered into the system marks the start date of the one year period. Once entered, Job Interest Forms are kept for one calendar month, then discarded.

                             C.            Electronic Job Interest Forms are automatically added to the JIS upon submission.

                             D.            When recruitments open, notifications are systematically e-mailed or mailed via US Postal Service to all individuals whose names are in the JIS for that job class.

   III.            Maintenance:

                             A.            Job Interest Forms are processed on an ongoing basis.  

                             B.            JIS files are maintained by job class for all classes. As classes are modified, the JIS is updated by staff.

                             C.            JIS materials are available to the public at the Personnel Department and on the County of Santa Cruz Employment Opportunities website and kept current by ESD staff.