Number: V.1.B.1. 
Date Issued: Nov. 15, 1990
Date Revised:


To clarify the appropriate use of emergency appointments, and to provide information on how these appointments are accomplished.


County Code Section 4.05.305 (3.12.020) Emergency Appointments
Civil Service Rule VI U. Emergency Appointments


  1. It is the policy of the Board of Supervisors to allow emergency appointments when such appointments are necessary to prevent the stoppage of public business, loss of life, or damage to persons and property, business, loss of life, or damage to persons and property.

  2. Emergency appointments are limited to 30 working days. An original appointment may be extended once, for up to 30 working days, with the approval of the Personnel Director.

  3. When a emergency appointment is made, the operating department shall report the appointment to the Personnel Director, CAO, Auditor-Controller and the Board of Supervisors as soon as the emergency condition reasonably permits. In the case of a request to extend an emergency appointment, the above offices plus the Board of Supervisors must be notified.

  4. Emergency appointees do not have to meet the employment standards for a class as such appointments are outside the County merit system. However, failure to meet the employment standards will preclude further employment beyond the 30 day limit.

  5. Emergency appointees must meet all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations. These include:

    1. possession of a valid California Driver's License (if the
      employee will be required to drive a County vehicle or personal vehicle on County business)

    2. provision of required verification of the right to work in the United States (form I-9, INS, U.S. Department of Justice)

    3. fingerprinting and a pre-employment medical exam for peace officers by the time of appointment

    4. fingerprinting if employed by a criminal justice agency or with access to criminal offender information.

    5. In addition, emergency appointees must meet the requirements in the County Code Chapter 2.32 and County Procedures Manual Title III - Section 300-321 regarding use of County vehicles or a private automobile on County business and vehicle insurance coverage.

    6. Emergency appointments MAY be made without regard to physical examination and fingerprint requirements except where required under state law. However, it is recommended that the department weigh their liability for employing persons without regard to these requirements when considering emergency appointment.

  6. It is possible that certain official actions taken by an emergency appointee may not be valid. Departments should check with County Counsel if there are questions in this area.

  7. Time served during an emergency appointment does not count towards probation or permanent status, or as County service hours. Such time served does count towards the maximum number of extra-help hours that can be worked in a fiscal year; the use of emergency appointments to work extra-help beyond their fiscal year limit is inappropriate and inconsistent with County Code and Civil Service Rule provisions. 

  1. Initiating the Emergency Appointment - Original Emergency Appointment 

    1. For an original emergency appointment, the operating department notifies the Personnel Director, CAO and Auditor-Controller as soon as the emergency condition reasonably permits. At the first possible opportunity an Action Form for the Emergency Appointment (transaction code 96) should be completed including written justification of the need for an emergency appointment.

    2. The Personnel Department verifies that conditions for an emergency appointment have been met, and works with the operating department to see if the need can be met in any way other than through an emergency appointment. 

  2. Extension of Emergency Appointment

    1. For an extension of an emergency appointment, the operating department submits:

      1. an Action Form with a memo stating the justification for the extension and the ending date of the extension

      2. an up-to-date employment application completed by the emergency appointee

    2. Informational copies of the memo requesting the extension are sent to CAO, Board of Supervisors and Auditor-Controller.