Date Issued: March, 1993
Date Revised: V.1.B.8. 


To describe the requirements and procedures applicable to underfills, which are time-limited appointments.


Civil Service Rule VI K. Temporary Underfill.


  1. A vacant position may be filled at a lower class level than that authorized for the position for a limited period of time with the prior approval of the Personnel Director, as follows:

    1. When there has been an reorganization or reassignment of duties pending classification review and action, a position may be temporarily underfilled pending classification for a maximum of six months.

    2. A position may be underfilled at a lower level in the same occupational group for training or administrative purposes when such action would not evade or be detrimental to the merit principles, for a maximum of one year.


  2. There are potential problems associated with temporary underfills which should be carefully considered before a request is made:

    1. At the time the temporary underfill expires, the position must be filled at its authorized level. If the person temporarily underfilling cannot be appointed to the authorized class, s/he must be separated.

    2. The reasons why a person could not be appointed to the authorized class include:

      1. there is an existing eligible list for the class, and the person is not on the list or is not reachable on the list; 

      2. the person did not apply for the exam for the class, or failed the exam;

      3. a hiring freeze, budget reductions or layoffs preclude filling of the position at its authorized level by the person underfilling;

      4. for a temporary underfill for training purposes, the incumbent does not attain the necessary training or experience required for the authorized class of the position during the underfill period. 


    3. Given the potential problems with a temporary underfill, the Personnel Director will be reluctant to approve such an appointment unless there is a strong likelihood that the person can be appointed to the authorized class, and is assured that the person being appointed will be advised and understands the conditions and limitations of such an appointment.


  3. Please note that the employment status of a person is independent of the temporary underfill. The employment status of the person in a temporary underfill is dependent upon other factors; the employee could be provisional, probationary or permanent, depending upon how s/he is appointed. For example, a person who was a Typist Clerk II could be appointed from an eligible list as a probationary Typist Clerk III underfilling a Secretary position. If the underfill is for one year, that person could attain permanent status as a Typist Clerk III. Regardless of the attainment of permanent status, the employee must be appointed as a Secretary by the end of the one year overfill period or s/he must be terminated.



  1. Operating Department

    1. To request a temporary underfill, the operating department should state the reason(s) for the request and expected duration, and identify the specific position involved. (The Personnel Director will specify the time period for the underfill, if one is approved.)

    2. The operating department should forward any request for a temporary underfill with the Action form and other documentation to the Personnel Department after making a tentative offer of appointment to the candidate. The Personnel Department will need to review the request, the candidate's application, and other information before a commitment can be made for a temporary underfill.

  2. Personnel Department

    Analysts in the Personnel Services Division of the Personnel Department will review the request and obtain additional information as necessary. The analyst will work with the operating department on the explanation to be given to the appointee, if an underfill is approved. The Personnel Director will specify the duration of the temporary underfill, if one is approved.

  3. Operating Department

    If the temporary underfill is approved, the department confirms the offer of employment to the candidate together with an explanation in writing of the underfill and the potential problems with such an appointment.

  4. Personnel Department

    When in-processing an employee for a temporary underfill appointment, Records Unit staff explain the conditions of such an appointment and identify the expiration date of the temporary underfill.