Number: V.1.C.3.
Date Issued: Nov. 15, 1990
Date Revised: Dec. 21, 1990
Dec. 16, 1991


To allow retiring and terminating employees to be placed in an extra-help status on the payroll system so that they may be used for future temporary needs without the need to go through the processing or appointment processes each time.


County Code Section 4.05.320(e)
Civil Service Rules VI.I. Extra-help Appointments


A retiring or terminating employee with permanent status may be appointed extra-help and be held in a recurrent status for future temporary work needs.  A terminating employee with probationary status may be appointed extra-help and held in a recurrent status for future temporary work needs, if their eligibility period has not expired for the eligibility list from which they were appointed.  Extra-help employees cannot work more than 999 hours in a fiscal year. P.E.R.S. retirees, while working as extra-help, cannot work more than 960 hours or 120 days in a calendar year. Departments are responsible for ensuring that these limits are not exceeded.  If there is no break in service between the permanent or probationary status and the extra-help appointment, this movement can occur without an employee processing session.


  1. Notification to Personnel

    The employing department submits a completed turnaround document coded for extra-help appointment along with the turnaround document terminating the employee.

  2. Personnel Processing

    1. Personnel keys the termination and keys the appointment to ex tra-help.

    2. If the action is submitted so that there is no break in service, the individual will not be required to be processed.

    3. If there is a break in service, the employee will be required to be processed by Records staff.

    4. Personnel keys the employee as inactive so that a time card will not be generated while the employee is not actually working.

    5. An action form will be generated and distributed to the depart ment at the point the individual moves from regular to inactive extra help status.

  3. Processing Time Cards

    Upon the employee working for the department, the department submits a time card that will act to change the employee status to active and pay appropriately for the hours worked.

  4. Returning Employee to Inactive Status at Completion of Assignment

    1. Once the employee is no longer working, the department submits a turnaround document to Personnel to key the employee inactive. 

    2. An exceptions report will be generated if an extra help employee is active for a quarter without reporting hours worked. The employee will be keyed inactive from this report by Payroll.

  5. Annual Review

    1. On a calendar year basis, a report will be generated by depart ment noting all extra-help employees not having earnings for the year.

    2. Departments will review the list and indicate which extra-help employees are to be retained on the system with inactive status.

    3. Personnel will key retention of the extra-help employees as indicated. All others will be purged from the system.