Number: XII.1. 
Date Issued: July 1, 1988
Date Revised: February 8, 1994


To provide for volunteer assignments within the County considering obligations of review by the General Representation Unit.


Contract with the Volunteer Center
General Representation Memorandum of Understanding


  1. Under an agreement with the County, the Volunteer Center agrees to conduct the Volunteer Initiative Program (VIP) with the following conditions. 

    1. Program Goals

      1. The Volunteer Center will provide a volunteer program that will allow community volunteers to be placed in County departments with the goals of completing work tasks for the County while providing work experience, training, and citizen involvement to the volunteers.

      2. .The Volunteer Center shall establish an annual goal for volunteers during each fiscal year including the number of placements, the number of hours volunteered, and the number of departments participating in the program. These volunteers shall include student interns and community volunteers. 

    2. VIP Program Staffing

      1. The Volunteer Center will provide a VIP Coordinator at 30 hours or less per week to staff this program. Duties of this position will include the development of specialized project descriptions for volunteers, handling recruitment and interviews with prospective volunteers, acting as liaison between the volunteers and County departments, and providing information to volunteers and departments regarding program policies and procedures.

      2. On issues specific to the Volunteer Initiative Program, the VIP Coordinator will work under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Personnel Services.

      3. Desk space will be provided to the VIP Coordinator at the County Personnel Department. 

    3. Volunteers

      1. Mileage for volunteers requested to travel as part of their volunteer assignment will be charged to the County department utilizing the individual volunteer. 

      2. Liability insurance coverage for the volunteers placed under this program will be provided by the Volunteer Center under their general liability policy. 

      3. Auto insurance will be required of volunteers in accordance with the Volunteer Center's current policies and County Risk Management. 

      4. Workers' Compensation coverage will not be required of the volunteers. 

      5. There will be no charge to the volunteer.

    4. Program Evaluation

      1. The VIP Coordinator will prepare a statistical and narrative report every three months to be submitted to the County Administrative Office, the Board of Supervisors, the County Personnel Department, and the Board of Directors of the Volunteer Center.

      2. The Quarterly Report shall include the number of volunteer interviews conducted, the number of placements made, the number of placements completed, the number of participating offices, the number of volunteer hours, ethnicity and sex ratio and any other relevant statistical information.

      3. A narrative report outlining all outreach efforts shall be included in each Quarterly Report. 

      4. Every six months a financial report detailing expenditures and income will be submitted by the Volunteer Center as an addendum to the Quarterly Report. 

    5. Union Obligations

      Any volunteer placement request will be reviewed by a representative of the General Representation Unit as established by SEIU Local 415. NOTE: No placement will be made without this review process and approval, regardless of representation.

  2. Responsibilities of County Employees Supervising Volunteers

    1. Conduct initial and on-going training and supervision.
    2. Conduct/complete any legal requirements (background check, etc.) before volunteer starts.
    3. With volunteer, complete contract.
    4. Write letter of recommendation for volunteer at end of contract.
    5. Require volunteers who are driving their automobiles to register for automobile insurance through VIP Coordinator BEFORE they drive.
    6. Inform VIP Coordinator if volunteer leaves position prior to agreed upon date. 
    7. Inform VIP Coordinator of any injuries occurring while volunteer is on assignment. 


  1. Request for and Placement of Volunteers 

    1. All departments wanting to use volunteers must submit a "Department Request for Volunteers" form to the Volunteer Initiative Program Coordinator. This must be submitted to the Union for approval before a volunteer can be placed.

    2. The Coordinator reviews the department request and submits it to the designated Union representative for approval before a volunteer can be placed.

    3. The Union responds to the request.

      1. If approved, follow with Procedure D below.

      2. If not approved, the Coordinator consults with the Deputy Director of Personnel Services and the department, as needed. The department may chose to withdraw the request or revise the duties of the position for further review by the Union.

    4. Once Union approval has been received, the Coordinator will recruit a volunteer for the position, and conduct a prescreening and orientation with the volunteer selected. (Recruitments may include classified ads, flyers, and/or special mailings.)

    5. A volunteer application and contract will be sent to the department. The County employee supervising the volunteer in the department will contact the volunteer directly for an interview. Any legal requirement of the position (e.g., driving record check, fingerprint/background check) will be done by the requesting department. Problems or issues will be referred to the Coordinator for review with the Deputy Director ESD.

    6. A "Volunteer Contract" will be completed by the volunteer and the County employee supervising the volunteer, and returned to the Coordinator. Once this is completed the volunteer will be considered registered with the Volunteer Initiative Program and can start the assignment. (NOTE: If the position requires driving, proof of insurance must also be submitted at this time.)

    7. The VIP Coordinator maintains VIP files.

  2. Completion of Volunteer Assignments

    1. The volunteer's supervisor notifies the VIP Coordinator that the volunteer has completed the assignment or resigned.

    2. The VIP Coordinator send an exit interview questionnaire to the volunteer for evaluation of the program. 

    3. The VIP Coordinator submits to the Board of Supervisors for proclamations the names of volunteers who completed their volunteer assignments. 

    4. The VIP Coordinator closes individual files and maintains records for seven years.