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Section:  LIABILITY/PROPERTY                Date Issued:  02/08/93

          INSURANCE PROGRAM                 Date Revised: 06/30/09

Number:   XXIII.2.




To establish notification procedures and to provide for departmental analysis of liability losses, trends, and prevention.





Government Code Section 990.4.

County Ordinance No. 3977





It is the policy of the County of Santa Cruz to minimize liability claims to the extent possible.  One element is to regularly analyze liability claims.  Each department will participate in the analysis to identify trends and where possible establish procedures to prevent future losses.





1.    The Liability Program Analyst will notify department heads and their designees of each liability claim filed that potentially affects their department activities or operations.


2.    The Liability Program Analyst will request a report and recommendation from each department regarding the allegations set forth in each claim.


3.    The Liability Program Analyst will notify department heads when

      claims are recommended for denial by the Board of Supervisors.


4.    The Liability Program Analyst or County Counsel will consult with department heads regarding settlements.


5.    The County has established:


      a.    A Sheriff's Liability Management Committee; and


      b.    A Public Works Liability Management Committee.


Both committees will meet approximately quarterly to review claims and are staffed by representatives from the County Administrative Office, County Counsel, Risk Management and their respective departments.  The committees shall meet to review all claims filed in the prior quarter and make a determination as to what preventative activities have or will be taken to avoid future claims.