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Topic:  USE OF COUNTY VEHICLES              Date Issued: June 30, 1994

        (DMV Pull Program, Accident Review  Date Revised:

         and Reporting, Private Vehicles

         and Rental Cars)



Number:  XXIII.4.





To establish procedures for the use of owned and non-owned vehicles on

County business.




County Code Section 2.32

Board of Supervisors procedure adopted September 30, 1987

Title III, Section 300, County Procedures Manual.




It is the policy of the County of Santa Cruz to have County vehicles avail-

able for employee use and in certain cases allow the use of private vehi-

cles on County business.













A.    Operating Requirements


     1.   All County employees with an assigned vehicle or who have occa-

          sion to drive a County vehicle are required to operate same in

          accordance with the County's current policies - as provided in

          Chapter 2.32 of the County Code, Section 300 of the County Proce-

          dures Manual and Section XXIII.4. of the Personnel Administrative




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     2.   County vehicles may only be operated by authorized individuals

          who possess a valid California Driver's license for the appropri-

          ate class(es) of vehicles and who have their Department Head



     3.   The driver and all passengers must wear seat belts at all times

          as required by California law while on County business.  All

          California vehicle code rules and regulations must be obeyed.


     4.   County vehicles shall be used for County business only.  Under no

          circumstance may a County vehicle be used for personal conve-

          nience or gain.


     5.   All persons operating County vehicles shall at all times drive

          defensively and take actions behind the wheel that will convey a

          favorable impression to the public.


     6.   It will be the responsibility of the Department Head to insure

          that employees who drive on County business possess a valid Cali-

          fornia Driver's License and maintain a good driving record.


          It will be the responsibility of Risk Management to insure that

          employees who drive on County business are enrolled the the De-

          partment of Motor Vehicles Pull Program.


          It will be the responsibility of the employee to maintain a valid

          California Driver's License and required insurance for the pur-

          pose of driving on County business.


     7.   Any driver who is involved in a motor vehicle accident involving

          personal injury to any party shall notify his/her supervisor

          immediately.  If the accident involves property damage only, the

          driver shall notify his/her supervisor upon return to the work

          location.  Additional reporting requirements as defined in Sec-

          tion D of these procedures and PAM 2101 - Workers Compensation

          Procedures must also be observed.


     8.   Smoking is prohibited in all County vehicles and all operators

          and passengers are required to comply with this policy.


     9.   Drivers who fail to abide by approved policies, rules and regula-

          tions may be subject to appropriate disciplinary procedures.



B.  Motor Vehicle Records (MVR's) - DMV Pull Program and Related Actions



     1.   In order to be aware of potential exposure from employees with

          poor driving records and provide corrective training, the County



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          shall enroll all County drivers in the Department of Motor Vehi-

          cles (DMV) Pull Program.


     2.   New Hires.  As a part of the processing package for new hires,

          the Driver Information Form will be completed by all new hires.


          a.   Risk Management will complete the request for records to

               DMV.Upon notice of termination from County employment, Risk

               Management will notify DMV by completing the necessary



          b.   Risk Management will review MVR's upon receipt from DMV.  If

               a report is received with a serious accident/citation or

               frequent minor citations, the Department Head and County

               Administrative Office will be notified.


     3.   Existing Employees.  Risk Management will enroll all existing

          drivers in the DMV Pull Program based upon lists provided by the

          Personnel Department of employees in positions that are required

          to operate vehicles on County business.


          Additionally, employees who are authorized to use personal vehi-

          cles on County business and who have obtained private mileage

          authorization from the County Administrative Office will also be

          enrolled the the DMV Pull Program.


     4.   An employee whose MVR indicates an excessive number of moving

          violations, accidents, or other serious driving citations may be

          subject to Defensive Driver Training, special evaluation, tempo-

          rary or permanent suspension of the privilege to operate a County

          vehicle, or other appropriate action.


     5.   Employees enrolled in the DMV Pull Program will have MVR updates

          or new actions sent to Risk Management by the Department of Motor

          Vehicles at least annually or as deemed appropriate by the DMV

          Pull Program procedures.  Follow-up MVR records will follow the

          procedures as outlined in items 2b and 4 above.


     6.   Corrective actions taken for employees whose Motor Vehicle

          Records demonstrate a problem should be documented in the employ-

          ee's personnel file.



C.  Vehicle Accident Review


     1.   Risk Management Responsibility






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          a.   A quarterly report of vehicle accidents occurring during

               each fiscal year will be distributed to the County Adminis-

               trative Officer and each Department Head.


          b.   Risk Management will schedule meetings with County Counsel,

               the County Administrative Officer, and Department Head when

               accident frequency or severity indicate a need for addition-

               al preventative activities.  The meeting shall include a

               review of all accident reports filed in the prior quarter,

               and a determination as to what preventative activities have

               or will be taken to avoid future accidents.  The review will

               include an analysis of loss trends and frequency.


     2.   Department Head Responsibility


          a.   Within 30 days following each receipt of quarterly reports,

               the Department Head will advise Risk Management of any dis-

               ciplinary action taken regarding the employee.


          b.   Department Heads will assume responsibility for implementing

               the disciplinary procedures as adopted by the Board of Su-

               pervisors in the Personnel Administrative Manual Procedures,

               Number XXIII.12.:


               1.   First offense - verbal warning or written reprimand as

                    appropriate; defensive drivers training and/or other

                    applicable training;


               2.   Additional offense - written reprimand and other disci-

                    plinary action as appropriate, including possible sus-

                    pension or termination based on the circumstances,

                    frequency and severity of accidents and the number of

                    points assigned by the Department of Motor Vehicles.


          c.   Departments Heads will ensure that any disciplinary action

               taken is documented in the employee's personnel file.



 D. Accident Reporting


     1.   Report Form Availability and Use


          All County-owned vehicles and equipment which can be driven shall

          be equipped with a sealed packet of materials entitled "WHAT TO

          DO IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT". This packet will be maintained in the

          glove compartment of each vehicle or fastened to a visor or other

          secure, accessible location in vehicles or equipment without

          glove compartments.  Risk Management will assemble packets which

          will be available from the General Services Fleet Service Center

          or Public Works Fleet Services.





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          In the event of an automobile accident, notify the local police

          jurisdiction and obtain and provide a copy of the police report

          to the Department Head and Risk Management as soon as possible.


     2.   Packet Contents


          Each sealed packet shall contain the following items:

            -  An envelope bearing the County name entitled "WHAT TO DO

               IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT" with nine steps to follow print-

               ed on the envelope.

            -  A pamphlet inside the envelope entitled "DESCRIPTION OF


            -  Three or more 3x5 cards entitled, "ACCIDENT QUESTION-

               NAIRE" (white in color).

            -  Two or more 3x5 cards entitled, "TO PASSING MOTORISTS-

               REQUEST FOR EMERGENCY TELEPHONE REPORT" (yellow in col-


            -  A ball point pen.


     3.   Employee Responsibility:


          Unless prevented by disability or other valid cause beyond con-

          troll of the employee:


          a.   The employee shall stop the vehicle/equipment, locate the

               accident packet, read and follow the nine steps in "WHAT TO

               DO IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT."


          b.   If the accident results in any personal injury, to the em-

               ployee, he/she must notify his/her supervisor and follow the

               procedures PAM 2101 - Workers Compensation Procedures.


          c.   Upon return to the work site, the employee shall immediate

               ly obtain a "VEHICLE ACCIDENT REPORT" form from the depart

               ment personnel/payroll liaison.  The employee shall complete

               the applicable sections and return the report to his/her

               Department Head or designee the same day.


          d.   Damage to County vehicles not resulting from an accident,

               including but not limited to acts of nature, vandalism,

               theft, mechanical breakdown or road conditions which were

               not the direct result of the act of a County driver or an-

               other vehicle, must be reported as soon as discovered.


               -  If the vehicle is not on County property, the appropri-

                  ate police agency shall be notified before it is moved.

                  If the damage is slight and the vehicle can be safely

                  driven, the employee shall proceed with caution and

                  notify the appropriate General Services or Public Works





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                  Department employee immediately when the vehicle is

                  returned from that trip, or the next working day if the

                  employee returns the vehicle after normal working

                  hours.  If the vehicle cannot be driven, the employee

                  shall call the numbers given in item #7 of the pamphlet

                  "WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT."


               -  If the vehicle is on County property, the employee

                  shall notify the appropriate General Services or Public

                  Works Department employee before using the vehicle.



     4.   Department Responsibility:


          a.   Each Department Head is responsible for insuring that all of

               his/her employees who operate County vehicles, are familiar

               with their responsibilities in the preceding sections.


          b.   Notify Risk Management immediately upon learning of injuries

               to anyone involved in an accident.


          c.   In cases where employees were injured as a result of the

               accident, the Department Head or his/her designee shall

               insure that the procedures in PAM 2101 - Workers Compensa-

               tion Procedures are followed.


          d.   When employees report County owned vehicle/equipment acci-

               dents the Department Head or designee is responsible for

               insuring a "VEHICLE ACCIDENT REPORT" form is completed with-

               in one working day of the initial report.  The Department

               will retain one copy, send the original and one copy to Risk

               Management and one copy to the appropriate fleet maintenance

               shop (General Services Service Center or Public Works Ga-

               rage) the same day the report is completed.


          f.   Assist Risk Management to obtain such facts as may be needed

               for additional investigation, subrogation actions, or other



E.   Employee Use of Privately Owned Vehicles


     1.   County employees may use privately owned vehicles for County

          business under the following conditions:


          a.   The employee must possess a valid California Driver's li-




          b.   A Private Mileage Authorization Form (ADM-16) has been ap-

               proved by the County Administrative Officer for use of a

               private vehicle on County business.




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          c.   In case of emergency, a Department Head may authorize use of

               a private vehicle, subject to verification of a current,

               active California Driver's License and proof of required

               insurance coverage, and subsequent certification by the

               County Administrative Officer.


          d.   The driver and all passengers must wear seat belts at all

               times as required by California law and obey all California

               rules and regulations.


     2.   Insurance Requirements


          Every employee who uses his/her vehicle on County business must

          have and maintain insurance coverage in accordance with standards

          set forth in the County Code Section 2.32.210 or within the Memo-

          randum of Understanding for the Representation Unit applicable to

          the employee's job class.


     3.   Reimbursement for Authorized Use


          a.   Employees who are authorized and use private vehicles for

               County business in accordance with the provisions of the

               County Procedures Manual will be reimbursed at the applica-

               ble mileage reimbursement rate established in Section 160 of

               the County Personnel Regulations.


          b.   Such reimbursement is full compensation for the costs of

               using private vehicles including insurance, insurance de-

               ductibles, maintenance, repairs, fuel and depreciation.


          4.   Responsibility for Bodily Injury or

                   Property Damage to Others


               Employees who use privately owned vehicles for County busi-

               ness are fully responsible for bodily injury and/or property

               damage to others resulting from such privately owned vehicle



          5.   Employee Reporting Responsibilities


               All accidents involving personal injury to an employee or

               bodily injury or property damage to another party must be

               reported to the employee's Department Head not later than

               one working day following the accident.



          6.   Department Head Reporting Responsibilities




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               When employees report accidents involving bodily injury or

               property damage to others while using their own personal

               vehicle on County business, a CONFIDENTIAL memo providing



all known details of the accident shall be sent by the employee's Depart-

ment Head to Risk Management within one working day of the initial report.


F.   Rental Cars


     1.   On occasion, it will be necessary for an employee to rent a vehi-

          cle from an agency while on County business.  To protect the

          County from serious liability exposure in the event of an acci-

          dent while driving a rental car, it is the responsibility of each

          employee to make certain that insurance coverage is adequate.


     2.   In completing the rental agreement form, individuals are asked

          whether or not they wish to "take" the collision and the medical

          injury insurance offered by the rental agency.  It is appropriate

          to "accept" the collision and "not accept" or "reject" the medi-

          cal insurance coverages offered.



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