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To view and/or pay your application(s), enter the application number below and click the ADD button to confirm the application is available for online payment.

Online Application Payments

Payment Methods
You may pay your application(s) by Electronic Check, MasterCard/Visa debit card, or by MasterCard, Visa, Discover or America Express credit card. This is an internet payment fee (convenience fee) charged in addition to the application amount you pay. The fee for internet payments is not a County of Santa Cruz fee. It is charged by the internet payment service provider for providing the ability to perform real-time internet transactions in an easy, secure and reliable manner.

Click here for general questions about electronic checks.
Convenience Fee Schedule
Credit Card or Debit Card 2.29%
Electronic Check $0


Online payments will be accepted as current day up until 8:00 pm / After 8:00 pm online payments will receive next day credit.

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