Santa Cruz County Mobilehome Commission - Contact Chart


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County Mobile and Manufactured Home Commission
Phone: (831) 454-2772
FAX: (831) 454-2411

Mobile and manufactured home space rent control matters in the unincorporated areas of the County; Rent control petition hearing process, information about Commission meetings, referrals to legal representation in rent control matters

Senior Legal Services:

Santa Cruz Office
317 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Tel: (831) 426-8824   Fax: (831) 426- 3345

Watsonville Office
114 E. Fifth Street, Watsonville, CA 95077
Tues by appt only from 1:00pm-4:00pm

Low fee legal representation is available WITHOUT a referral for mobile home residents (age and income level may determine eligibility) who live in any MHP
free legal representation is available for rent control matters WITH a referral from the Commission office ((831) 454- 2772). Mobile and manufactured home park residents in unincorporated areas of the County who pay space fees may be referred to address matters related to the SCCC 13.32 Rent Stabilization Ordinance. Residents in resident-owned

California Housing & Community Development
(HCD) Field Office:
(916) 255-2501

Lot line matters, parking matters, park inspections

California Housing & Community Development (HCD) -
Mobilehome Assistance Center

(800) 952-5275 (M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm )

Health & safety matters (e.g., electrical, sewer, gas or water systems)
Unlawful or unfair sales practices of manufactured homes & new manufactured home warranty
MH Residency Law (copies, information, and where to obtain assistance with lease, management or rent disputes)

County Planning Department
Miguel Rivera (831) 454-2294

Housing Department
(831) 454-2332

Permitting information for mobile or manufactured homes, required number of parking places, perimeter lot line matters where lot lines border County property, code enforcement

Resale matters related to affordable housing programs (caps on resale value, etc.)

County Public Works Department

Permitting information for transporting a mobile or manufactured home over County roads

County Environmental Health: (831) 454-2022

Health and safety matters (e.g., standing water, septic, sewer)

GSMOL (Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League):

Represents residents statewide regarding Mobilehome Residency Law

Department of Fair Employment & Housing
(800) 884-1684

Accessible parking matters within the park

District Attorney’s Consumer Affairs:
(831) 454-2050

Unfair business practices