County Administrative Office


Mission Statement

To lead with innovation and collaboration, ensure fiscal responsibility, and promote equitable, results-oriented services under the guidance of the Board of Supervisors and on behalf of Santa Cruz County residents.

Department Overview

The County Administrative Office (CAO) budget includes both the CAO and the Clerk of the Board (COB) service areas. The CAO works under the policy direction of the Board of Supervisors. The CAO prepares and manages the County's budget, legislative analysis, economic development, contract and grant administration, intergovernmental relations, supervision of non-elected department heads, and oversight of emergency operations and all departmental functions. The COB manages the Board of Supervisors' meeting agendas and records.

Budget Summary

Department Budget Overview

Budget Summary of Changes

This is a status quo budget with no changes to funded positions. Increase in salaries and benefits reflect scheduled and negotiated increases only. Decreases in services and supplies reflect a reduction in professional services for one-time contracts, data processing services and the one-time purchase of the new agenda management system offset by the addition of the new hardware replacement fee, and funding for commissioner stipends. Intrafund transfers reflect an increase in cost allocation plan charges. Revenues reflect an increase in County overhead charges offset by decreases for various Clerk of the Board service charges and the move of FEMA reimbursements into a single account in General County Revenues.

Open the Services Overview or Operational Plan Objectives below for more details.

Department Services and Objectives

Total Expenses
-16 %
Total Revenues
25 %
General Fund Contribution
-20 %
Other Fund Contributions
0 %
Funded Staffing
Service Overview
Operational Plan Objectives
This service supports various department objectives


1 – Indicates change from FY 2021-22 Allowed Budget

2 – General Fund Contribution is the share of General County Revenues (primarily property tax and other local taxes) allocated to each department. Other funds that contribute to this budget are shown on the Budget Details page.

3 – Indicates change from FY 2021-22 Adjusted Funded Positions (including Board-approved mid-year changes as of April 1, 2022).

Budget Details

The charts below show department expenditures and revenues by division and service. Click on the pie charts to drill down for more detail. Complete detail can be found on the County's Transparency Portal.

Expenses by Service

Expenses and Revenues over time

Personnel Details

The chart below provides the department personnel detail by division, service, and classification.