General Services


Mission Statement

To provide a wide variety of services to County departments, such as facilities maintenance, construction management, fleet services, and the central purchasing division.

Department Overview

The General Services Department (GSD) provides facilities maintenance, construction management, fleet services, central purchasing, and administrative support to the County Fire Department. Additionally, the department supports staffing the Energy Commission and working with County departments to implement energy efficiency and conservation projects and practices.

Budget Summary

Department Budget Overview

Budget Summary of Changes

The GSD budget is transitioning from a General Fund department to an Internal Service Fund (ISF). This change will allow GSD to support and maintain facility needs, including preventative maintenance and deferred maintenance, as well as charge based upon service levels required and received. Additionally, the budget reflects the transfer of Capital Projects and Real Property from the Community Development and Infrastructure Department to GSD. This transition adds 10.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) positions that are supported by charges for services to various capital projects that includes 1.0 FTE Director of Capital Projects, 1.0 FTE Chief Real Property Agent, 1.0 FTE Real Property Agent, 2.0 FTE Assistant Real Property Agents and 4.0 FTE Project Managers. The budget also adds 1.0 FTE Departmental Fiscal Officer and reflects the mid-year addition of 1.0 FTE Senior Accounting Technician for in-house CalFIRE support (10/17/23) and 7.0 FTE positions (11/14/23) to support the transferred workload associated with new facilities like the South County Government Center: 1.0 FTE Building Equipment Mechanic, 1.0 FTE Building Maintenance Worker II, 1.0 FTE Custodial Supervisor, 1.0 FTE Lead Custodian, 2.0 FTE Custodian, 1.0 FTE Office Assistant. The department will provide the Board with mid-year staffing changes to support the transfer in of the Capital Projects and Real Property programs.

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Department Services and Objectives

Total Expenses
136 %
Total Revenues
260 %
General Fund Contribution
-100 %
Other Fund Contributions
82 %
Funded Staffing
Service Overview
Operational Plan Objectives
This service supports various department objectives


1 – Indicates change from FY 2021-22 Allowed Budget

2 – General Fund Contribution is the share of General County Revenues (primarily property tax and other local taxes) allocated to each department. Other funds that contribute to this budget are shown on the Budget Details page.

3 – Indicates change from FY 2021-22 Adjusted Funded Positions (including Board-approved mid-year changes as of April 1, 2022).

Budget Details

The charts below show department expenditures and revenues by division and service. Click on the pie charts to drill down for more detail. Complete detail can be found on the County's Transparency Portal.

Expenses by Service

Expenses and Revenues over time

Personnel Details

The chart below provides the department personnel detail by division, service, and classification.