Parks, Open Space, and Cultural Services


Mission Statement

To provide safe, well-designed and maintained parks and a wide variety of recreational and cultural opportunities for our diverse community.

Department Overview

Parks, Open Space, and Cultural Services is responsible for over 1,400 acres of County park land, the Simpkins Family Swim Center, multiple County beach access points, a variety of after-school and summer recreational programs and cultural services programs.

Budget Summary

Department Budget Overview

Budget Summary of Changes

The Parks, Open Space, and Cultural Services (Parks) budget reflects ongoing efforts to provide pre-pandemic levels of outdoor, recreational, and cultural services to support a healthy community, and continued efforts to improve the health and resilience of the natural environment.

The Parks budget includes scheduled and negotiated salary and benefit increases, as well as reallocation of several positions between divisions, with no impact on overall costs, to better match services. The budget recommends funding 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) Park Maintenance Worker III in Maintenance and Facilities, with existing CSA 11 fund balance to restore allocation of a Parks Maintenance Worker III to each section of Maintenance (North, Mid, and South County) for the continued restoration of services in each section. It includes reclassifying 1.0 FTE vacant Program Coordinator to 1.0 FTE Departmental Fiscal Officer in Parks Administration, with available CSA 11 funds, to provide enhanced fiscal support to the Parks Department’s complex budget. The budget also makes permanent 1.0 FTE limited term Administrative Aid, with project-related funds in the Planning section and CSA 11. The budget recommends Increasing Extra Help in the Swim Center to pre-COVID levels, with commensurate increased revenue to reinstate and increase program offerings.

Supplemental Budget Summary of Changes

The Supplement Budget reallocates 4.0 FTE positions from Administration by transferring 1.0 FTE Assistant Department Analyst to Planning and Development, 1.0 FTE Administrative Aid to Operations Maintenance, 1.0 FTE Program Coordinator to Outdoor Education and 1.0 FTE Clerk II to Maintenance and Facilities.

Open the Services Overview or Operational Plan Objectives below for more details.

Department Services and Objectives

Total Expenses
3 %
Total Revenues
1 %
General Fund Contribution
6 %
Other Fund Contributions
-8 %
Funded Staffing
Service Overview
Operational Plan Objectives
This service supports various department objectives


1 – Indicates change from FY 2021-22 Allowed Budget

2 – General Fund Contribution is the share of General County Revenues (primarily property tax and other local taxes) allocated to each department. Other funds that contribute to this budget are shown on the Budget Details page.

3 – Indicates change from FY 2021-22 Adjusted Funded Positions (including Board-approved mid-year changes as of April 1, 2022).

Budget Details

The charts below show department expenditures and revenues by division and service. Click on the pie charts to drill down for more detail. Complete detail can be found on the County's Transparency Portal.

Expenses by Service

Expenses and Revenues over time

Personnel Details

The chart below provides the department personnel detail by division, service, and classification.