Personnel and Risk Management


Mission Statement

In collaboration with our customers, the Personnel Department will recruit, develop, support, and retain an ethical, professional, and diverse workforce dedicated to serving the community. The Risk Management division will mitigate the severity and frequency of claims within the County’s liability, property, and workers’ compensation programs, and continue to increase the awareness and ease of access to County offered comprehensive benefits available to eligible employees and their dependents.

Department Overview

The department’s mission is achieved through the work of the various divisions. Personnel conducts recruitment, classification, employee relations, labor negotiations, training, equal employment opportunity administration, employee records, and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. The Risk Management division manages the liability, property, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurances funds for the County, reducing risks and increasing benefits to the County and its employees.

2024-25 Risk Claim Reserves

Budget Summary

Department Budget Overview

Budget Summary of Changes

The Personnel and Risk Management budget's major operational investment is the implementation of the County's new Payroll and Human Resources system. Increases to departmental Property and Liability charges by $793,221 are recommended as part of the five-year plan to restore the fund to the actuarial determined amount at the 75% confidence level while the budget for Property and Liability was increased by $3.8 million for increased claims. Decrease to departmental Unemployment Insurance (UI) charges by $500,000 is recommended due to decrease in claim costs. This year’s budget includes a new service that was converted by governmental accouting regulations from an independent "agency" fund classification into a $6.9 million Risk Management operation for employee reimbursements and contributions for the CalPERS health program. Otherwise, the budget includes scheduled and negotiated salary and benefit increases. The department's operational objectives provide for continuous improvement, equity, keeping up with demands and challenges faced for services related to recruitment, training, and retention, and maintaining all Risk funds at healthy fund balance levels.

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Department Services and Objectives

Total Expenses
18 %
Total Revenues
0 %
General Fund Contribution
3 %
Other Fund Contributions
48 %
Funded Staffing
Service Overview
Operational Plan Objectives
This service supports various department objectives


1 – Indicates change from FY 2021-22 Allowed Budget

2 – General Fund Contribution is the share of General County Revenues (primarily property tax and other local taxes) allocated to each department. Other funds that contribute to this budget are shown on the Budget Details page.

3 – Indicates change from FY 2021-22 Adjusted Funded Positions (including Board-approved mid-year changes as of April 1, 2022).

Budget Details

The charts below show department expenditures and revenues by division and service. Click on the pie charts to drill down for more detail. Complete detail can be found on the County's Transparency Portal.

Expenses by Service

Expenses and Revenues over time

Personnel Details

The chart below provides the department personnel detail by division, service, and classification.