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Second Community Workshop
October 26, 2010

This community workshop consisted of a PowerPoint presentation where three (3) conceptual design alternatives were presented for the Agency owned Heart of Soquel and Porter Street properties.  These three conceptual plans included pedestrian and vehicular safety and circulation improvements, environmental enhancement, and facility improvements for potential event hosting (e.g. art and wine festival, music, performances). The goal of this workshop was to solicit community discussion and input regarding design features and improvements. Each of the three conceptual plans was developed to illustrate different approaches to resolving issues facing this part of Soquel Village. Following the presentation there was an individual evaluation of all three alternatives, a facilitated roundtable discussion of the designs with critique and comment, group report back and summary. From the individual evaluations, the table discussions and summaries the Agency will work to consolidate and synthesize these ideas and preferences into a single conceptual design that best illustrates the community’s vision for this project. See the following links for presentation materials and conceptual design alternatives: